The Deliverer

The Deliverer

The Deliverer

Modern-day Christians are bombarded by temptation. It's not an intentional act, but somewhere along the way materialism began to dominate our culture, causing internal conflict for many people who strive to walk in God's path.

Australian Bible study leader Greceila Jota is one such person. Her new novel, The Deliverer, tells the story of a tangled love affair embroiled with material challenges that are relatable to anyone who has struggled with matters of faith.

"I was inspired by God to write this book," Jota said. "It's dedicated to people who think that their lives have come to a dead end."

The story opens by introducing Dun Rosenberg, a prominent Jew-turned-Atheist, and his son, Alex. Both men have fallen in love with the same woman, who happens to be engaged to a church minister at the time. Tragedy befalls the love triangle as difficult choices are made and the inevitable happens.

Who will survive and who will be left brokenhearted? Will the Lord, who Jota lovingly coins 'the Deliverer,' be able to change their destinies to produce an outcome more glorious than any of them have imagined?

Inspired by Jota's devout faith, The Deliverer sends the uplifting message that God truly is in control and ready to listen in times of need. "I believe in the promises of God written in the Bible about love, hope and obedience," said Jota. "His will is good, pleasing and perfect."

Greceila Jota, known as Grace, has master's degrees in education and theology. She and Felino, her husband of 32 years, are Bible study leaders. They are blessed with a son, two daughters, and five grandchildren. The Jota family lives in Melbourne and Sydney, Australia. Greceila was inspired by the Holy Spirit to write The Deliverer, her first novel.

The Deliverer
Author: Greceila Jota
ISBN: 9781449738198
Price: $13.95

Interview with Greceila Jota

Question: How does it feel to have your story compared to Nicholas Sparks?

Greceila Jota: It is a privilege but I am humbled to have my story compared to an uncommonly gifted writer. It gives me a hope that The Deliverer can become a movie, too, showing the ultimate love.

Question: How does your book answer the question: How does faith, materialism and romantic strain affect relationships with God?

Greceila Jota: Faith is allowing God to move into His will for us that is good, pleasing and perfect. Materialism causes people to value money more than family or people we love, for example. It causes us to think too much about our worth in the eyes of others, thus missing our true value in the eyes of God.

Question: Why was it important for you to write a book about modern day struggles with matters of faith?

Greceila Jota: It is important because these struggles are so relevant to so many people. The bible says to have faith in God, pray and believe that it will be yours. Eg. To have a happy marriage between man and woman in sickness and in health for poorer or for richer till death do them part, but was God even invited during their wedding to be blessed? According to survey, divorced couples did not invite God during their wedding. These days, premarital sex becomes a trial and error, rather than a sacred unity between people in love, between male and female and not with the same sex. Faith is obeying God's words from the Bible to enjoy life on earth.

Question: How did you go about creating the character of Dun Rosenberg?

Greceila Jota: Just by imagination. Writers just write whatever comes in the mind with a sense of direction. I am writing about the God of Israel and I believe a Jewish character is a perfect match to the content of the story.

Question: Can you describe why you've titled the book, The Deliverer?

Greceila Jota: I could have titled it The Transformer but that was taken already. The book is about materialism, tragedy that befalls because of human choice, jealousy, and churches deficiency. To prevent matters such as these from happening, we need a deliverer. I believe that God is our Deliverer to make our life beautiful.

Interview by Brooke Hunter