The Daredevil's Guide to Outer Space

The Daredevil's Guide to Outer Space

Start up your space buggies and travel where no astronauts have been before!

Following The Daredevil's Guide to Dangerous Places (2018), Lonely Planet Kids' new characters Eddie and Junko return for a cosmic adventure in The Daredevil's Guide to Outer Space.

Take a guided tour of space and learn out-of-this-world facts about Mercury's hot temperatures and Jupiter's many moons. Fly through Saturn's rings, visit the International Space Station, and float amongst the stars in the Milky Way.

Available now from all good bookstores, The Daredevil's Guide to Outer Space features a mix of fascinating insights, hilarious illustrations and jaw-dropping photographs. So grab your spacesuit, put on your helmet and get ready to take off into our Solar System. Just be careful to avoid giant black holes on the way back!

Lonely Planet Kids published its first book in 2011. Building on parent brand Lonely Planet's 45 years of experience inspiring millions to explore the world, Lonely Planet Kids ignites children's curiosity with engaging, educational books on culture, sociology, geography, nature, history, space and more. Whether at home, on the road or in school, Lonely Planet Kids encourages the next generation of global citizens to make every day an adventure. Come explore! Find out more on

The Daredevil's Guide to Outer Space
Lonely Planet Kids
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