The Chaser's Australia

The Chaser's Australia

The Chaser's Australia

Everything you wanted to know about Australia, but were too apathetic to ask.

The Chaser's Australia is a comprehensive guide to the culture, history, politics, religion fashion, media and the few remaining footy heroes not currently facing criminal charges, that have made Australia one of the Top 196 countries in the world today. Whether it's Andrew Bolt's Guide to Indigenous Australia or the Environment Chapter proudly sponsored by the Minerals Council of Australia – featuring fewer facts than an Andrew Bolt column, and more offensive claims than a George Pell's testimony – you can't help but think this book is the perfect companion volume to a proper book about Australia. If you only buy one book titled The Chaser's Australia, make it this one.

The Chaser's Australia is a special bumper issue of The Chaser Quarterly. It is written by Chaser writers Mark Humphries (The Roast, The Feed) and Evan Williams (The Roast, The Feed, The New Yorker) with contributions from Chris Taylor and Charles Firth (The Chaser), James Schloeffel (The Shovel) and Rohan Arneil (the intern).

It is the perfect Father's Day gift for dads who are fans of The Chaser and who are also able to read. And perfect for reading when the battery on your smartphone goes flat.

The book the most comprehensive guide to Australia ever compiled, and is divided into six hilarious sections: Politics, History, The Nation, Sport & Religion, Culture & Media and People. 'Our religion section covers all the major denominations: AFL, NRL, Soccer, Cricket, even lawn bowls," said Editor-in-Chief, Charles Firth.

Mark Humphries is a writer/performer best known for his work on The Feed (SBS2), The Roast (ABC2), The Guardian Australia and ABC Radio National. He is a regular writer for The Chaser Quarterly. Mark would have been considered really cool in the 1970s.

Evan Williams is a Sydney-based writer whose work has appeared in numerous publications including The Guardian Australia, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Monthly, McSweeney's, The Chaser Quarterly and The New Yorker. He was a writer on The Roast (ABC2) and currently writes for The Feed (SBS2).

James Schloeffel is the editor-in-chief of The Shovel. He is a regular writer for The Chaser Quarterly. His first book, The Shovel Annual, is due out in late 2016.

Charles Firth is a co-founder of The Chaser, and editor-in-chief of The Chaser Quarterly.

The Chaser's Australia
Authors: Charles Firth, Mark Humphries, Evan Williams and James Schloeffel
RRP: $24.99