The Answer

The Answer

If You're Looking for The Answer, it Most Likely Lives Within You

The book is aimed at helping others discover solutions to life's everyday problems in a simple and effective way. With chapter exercises and an easy to follow colour code for different sections readers will love the easy language and accessibility of the book. This isn't your average self-help book; it's a down to earth approach to tackling lifes most common obstacles. The book challenges the boundaries and methods of traditional self-help style publications and is now available right when people are reviewing their goals for the year and possibly ready for change.

"Our story is different in that we have found a way to work through and around our challenges, embracing rather than resisting them. We wanted to share what we have learned with others and so, wrote The Answer," said Luisa Di Manno, co-author. "We understand the hurt and frustration, and want others to know that life is a journey and can be navigated for success and happiness with the right tools which can be discovered within".

The book focuses on various areas that many find challenging including; everyday living, family and relationships, friendships, career/work, business, environment, personal emotional blocks and the relationship you share with the world and others. It stands alone as a personal interactive tool that facilitates effective life-navigation skills. The book delivers easy to understand, tried and tested methods to support effective growth, healing and insight into lifes most common challenges. 'The Answer' acknowledges issues and uncovers basic, and realistic long-term solutions.

"The book has been written as we sincerely believe that everything happens for a reason. Our story is not too different from the lives lived every day, everywhere. We know this as so many people share stories of hurt, upset and disappointment. It is the happiness we tend to overlook and with our book we hope to bring people back to themselves and the answer lying within," said Bianca Di Manno, co-author.

Luisa and Bianca are a mother daughter team, bonded not only genetically but also by their beliefs. The book has been written and compiled by two grounded and 'life wise' authors who exist and experience life in the same world you live in, the REAL WORLD. Neither author claims to be a doctor, specialist or professor. The messages delivered are free from pedestals, hierarchy, superiority complexes or monetary obligations. This book provides genuine insight into lifes journey and encourages readers to embrace life's challenges rather than resisting them.

"A practical interpretation which dismisses the 'look at me' syndrome and helps readers to reconnect with people and the world, putting technology in its place. The size of the book, clarity of print and presentation is excellent for the message being conveyed and the readers' interactive participation through the written exercises." - John T Moore.