Thalgo Face Sunscreen Cream 30+

Thalgo Face Sunscreen Cream 30+


Sunscreen is an essential beauty tool in maintaining healthy, younger-looking skin and with the new Thalgo Face Sunscreen-Cream SPF 30+ there is no excuse for not protecting your largest organ, even in the cooler months.

Harmful UVA and UVB rays can penetrate through tinted windows, cloudy skies or reflect off snow, increasing the risk of skin damage such as melanoma and premature ageing including uneven pigmentation, wrinkles and age spots.

Extensive research by Thalgo has resulted in the most effective sun protection ingredients combined to form Thalgo Face Sunscreen-Cream SPF 30+ including:

· Sun'YtolŪ (exclusive Thalgo ingredient) - Extracted from a red macro-alga that tolerates great intensities of full sunlight, Sun'Ytol shows remarkable stability to temperature and sun rays. Marine, plant and animal organisms are capable of reacting and effectively fighting against high U.V. stress.

· Tinosorb M™ - A new-generation sun filter that is perfectly tolerated by the skin. Tinosorb M acts as both a reflecting screen and an absorbing filter, ensuring optimum protection against U.V.B. and U.V.A. rays.

· Vitamin E - Extracted from diverse plant oils, Vitamin E is a particularly effective anti-free radical agent that helps preserve the perfect quality of cellular membranes. By doing so, it maintains excellent skin hydration and helps to restore a beautiful quality to dry or rough skin.

Avoiding the common infamous smell of sunscreen, Thalgo Face Sunscreen-Cream SPF 30+ combines floral notes including monoi, ylang-ylang and orchid, plus a sweet base of sandalwood and vanilla, making it a pleasure to apply every time.

For best protection apply Thalgo Face Sunscreen-cream SPF 30+ evenly to the face & fragile zones and renew every two hours or after each swim.

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