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Switch On to Off!

Switch On to Off!

Long days at the beach, festivals, sizzling barbecues...just three great summer activities that can all too easily be marred by the presence of unwanted visitors. Mosquitoes and other insects can blight the best outdoor - and indoor - occasions, so ensure your summer isn't spent at the mercy of the mozzie with the latest range of personal insect repellents from OFF!

Unlike other insect repellents on the market, which often smell overpowering and feel greasy on your skin, OFF! has a non-greasy formula and is softly scented! The perfect addition to any handbag, man bag or picnic, OFF! provides effective protection for you and your family.

OFF! Smooth & Dry is softly scented and its light spray formula, with natural cornstarch micro-particles, dries on contact with your skin. OFF! Smooth & Dry repels mosquitoes, sandflies and other biting insects for up to four hours.

Specially formulated for use by the whole family, including children one year and over, OFF! FREE gel is free from fragrance, colourants and preservatives. The light gel is easily applied and offers four hour protection from mosquitoes.

For trusted defence against the mozzies that threaten to spoil the summer, protect yourself, friends and family by using OFF! before you head outside.

OFF! Smooth & Dry (RRP $5.49) and OFF! FREE (RRP $5.49) are available from all major retail outlets.