Intraceuticals Rehydration Travel packs & Atoxelene Line Wand

Intraceuticals Rehydration Travel packs & Atoxelene Line Wand
For a head-turning complexion you need Intraceuticals; the feel good, look-good-right-now professional skin care range. Intraceuticals is a unique Australian brand that promises fresh, glowing, rejuvenated and rehydrated skin. Loved by Hollywoods leading ladies including Madonna and Eva Longoria, Intraceuticals provides the ultimate skin solution with instant results.

Eva Longoria

"The treatments are a necessity before every major event!"


"I love the treatments and so does my face".

Intraceuticals Rehydration Travel pack

Each Intraceuticals Rehydration Travel pack contains a compact-size cleanser, hydration gel and moisturiser in a handbag friendly, plastic zip-case. Perfect for those who are heading overseas, the bottles meet with international flight carry-on guidelines so you can maintain your skin regime and look great at all times.

"I havent been so excited about a little wand that looks and applies like lip glaze wands, well, since lip glaze wands first came out. But this one is WAY more powerful. The delivery of this little wonder is remarkable and innovative. It makes it incredibly easy to put product ONLY on your winkles and not have to make the rest of your skin that isnt so wrinkled suffer any breakout type of consequences.

I noticed about a 45% decrease in the depth of my wrinkles after applying it and leaving it on overnight. And each days use only makes those puppies turn into distant memories. This product works!!! My skin was not irritated at all. And the delivery means no goopie mess; just one twist is enough to brush onto 6-8 full blown creases meaning the wand will last a decent 2 months or so.

This product is an amazing alternative to Botox-like injections and words just as well, IMHO. Results are visible after just one use. After four youll be amazed!"

Intraceutical Rehydration Travel packs - RRP: $89.00

Intraceuticals Atoxelene Line Wand

A concentrated skin smoothing complex that targets expression lines and wrinkles, the Atoxelene Line Wand smoothes and visibly reduces fine lines and wrinkles without pain or injections in a portable, take anywhere, anytime pen.

"Each pack contains a compact-size cleanser, hydration gel and moisturiser in a handbag friendly plastic zip case. Perfect for those who travel, the bottles meet with international flight carry-on guidelines, so you can maintain your skin regime at all times.

I took this little wonder to Europe over December - it literally was a life saver! "

Intraceutical Atoxelene Line Wands - RRP: $125.00

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Reviews: I like the way Intraceuticals feels on the skin, it's light, and shows visible difference within a week.

Intraceuticals on set for the filming of Sex and the City, The Movie Make-up guru Kris Evans tells all

Its ten years since Sex and the City first hit our television screens but Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda are still serious style icons who hit the big screen in May. Kris Evans, Hollywood make-up artist, industry guru and the woman behind the four ladies flawless looks shares their secret; Australias own Intraceuticals has been on set!

Kris Evans has been a professional makeup artist for more than twenty years working on major titles like: Pirates of the Caribbean, X-Men and Spanglish. During her time working on major TV and film productions shes had experience with practically every product on the market. Shes keen to sing praises of the Intraceuticals skincare treatments. She says, "My clients are used to the latest and greatest in skin care and make-up. I am very excited about Intraceuticals and how fantastic the treatments make the skin look."

"My most recent projects have been Dirty Sexy Money and Sex and the City, The Movie. On Dirty Sexy Money I gave treatments to many of the cast members before applying the make-up and there was a remarkable difference in the final results. On Sex in the City, the Movie I did treatments on Sarah Jessica Parker and Kirsten Davis and again the results were fantastic," said Kris. Her next project will be the on-air talent for the Beijing Summer Olympics and is looking forward to using Intraceuticals on all of her clients.

"After long hours of travel this treatment helps to freshen the skin and help with the make-up application. Im hooked on how beautiful the skin looks after just one treatment! It has been really helpful to hydrate the skin before applying make-up for a photoshoot or long day on a movie set."

Intraceuticals has combined the best of medical and cosmetic technology to develop a revolutionary treatment to create a complexion that will be your ultimate accessory - a fresh, gorgeous face. It is the look good, feel good, right now treatment that is affordable and quick. A lunch hour treatment is ideal if youre in air-conditioning all day long and need to dazzle that afternoon or evening. It can be a one off treatment, an absolute must before any major event or a series of six treatments for continuously radiant and glowing skin.