Tequila Day July 24th

Tequila Day July 24th

Celebrate Mexico's famous agave spirit with a zany twist at Grand Lafayette this International Tequila Day Salud! Tomorrow, July 24th marks International Tequila Day!

To celebrate the love or loathe relationship with tequila, Grand Lafayette Prahran will be serving up their impressive medicinal drip-feed bag, smoked tequila cocktail, the 'Witch-Antidote'.

Rest assured, this is not an intravenous injection, but a pleasant sip, a conversation piece and something a little fun to celebrate this International Tequila Day.

The 'Witch Antidote' drip feed cocktail is composed of squeezed strawberry, lime, blueberry and apple and black currant in drip-feeding bag finished with a shot of smoked applewood infused tequila.

If you're in a celebratory mood but can't stomach tequila after that one huge night out in 2009, you can sub your tequila for a shot of Japanese Yuzu.
It might sound tricky and perhaps a bit icky but combining the ingredients to enjoy your Witch-Antidote is an experience in itself.

To enjoy you simply remove the rock glass to reveal the shot of smoked tequila or Japanese Yuzu, pour the infused shot into a highball glass and finally place the dripping tube into the glass and turn on the dripping switch.

Because where else can you sip on a saline drip this International Tequila Day?
Prahran's Grand Lafayette launched in October 2018 has become a favourite in Melbourne for their delicious east meets west flavours, and most impressively, their all-you-can-eat offers.

WHO: Grand Lafayette Prahran
WHAT: Celebrate with a 'Witch-Antidote' Smoked Tequila, drip-bag cocktail WHEN: Tomorrow, July 24
WHERE: 9 Clifton Street, Prahran WHY: International Tequila Day 2019!