Teeny Tiny Stevies Had you to teach me

Teeny Tiny Stevies Had you to teach me

Teeny Tiny Stevies, the kids band with the cool factor, have unveiled their new single and animated video 'Had You To Teach Me', and also announced their eagerly-anticipated album Thoughtful Songs for Little People, which will be released August 7th. The third album from sisters Byll and Beth Stephen is the follow up to their 2018 ARIA-nominated set, Helpful Songs for Little People.


Beth explains the initial story behind 'Had You To Teach Me':

"The song began in response to watching my son learn to walk. Like so many of our songs it begins from the perspective of the child, but this time ends from the perspective of a parent or care giver. It's one of my life's great pleasures watching my son learn everything from scratch. But there's also this constant pull and push trying to work out when to step into help and when to back off. Already so early in his life I'm feeling that constant contradiction between overwhelming pride for his achievements and then sudden grief knowing he no longer needs me in the same way that he did before. I know one day he'll think I'm terribly uncool, so I'm savouring the moments he thinks I'm the be-all and end-all".


Byll explains how the song developed further: 

"When Beth sent over the first version of this song I knew it was going to be special. Melodically it already had the simple magical elements you strive for when writing music, which meant the challenge was making sure we didn't overcomplicate it. The song gave me a nostalgic feeling, so we lent right into that and wrote lyrics in a linear storyline about growing older and looking up to your parents as your most important teachers. Then we swung the perspective around in the last verse by writing it from the parents point of view about their children. And that's why you're crying.."


The heart-warming animated video was created by the band's long-time collaborator Simon Howe, with a sweet storyline between the Sugar Glider and her brother as he teaches her how to fly. 



Teeny Tiny Stevies create inspired and educational music which encourages conversation between adults and children. What began as a side-hobby for sisters Byll and Beth (who also play, record and tour in folk/pop band The Little Stevies), became so fun and effective that before they knew it, their debut album had become a word-of-mouth sensation with parents around the country.

The band's beautifully-animated music videos, including 'Boss of My Own Body', 'I Ate a Rainbow', 'Sleep Through the Night' and 'Boy or Girl Colour' continue to be hugely popular on ABC Kids TV, and to date have received over 8 million views on iView.

Teeny Tiny Stevies' first ever national tour sold out in a matter of days, and their second - which was set to be their biggest, culminating in a performance at Sydney Opera House - was cancelled due to coronavirus. They are looking forward to rescheduling the tour and performing to families around Australia as soon as they can.