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Sydney Fragrance Co

Sydney Fragrance Co

Sydney Fragrance Co officially launched it's collection of fashion candles yesterday at Akira Isogawa's show at
MBFWA 2015.

Using scent to evoke emotion, fragrance completed the traditional visual and aural feast that is Fashion Week.

Guests at Isogawa's show were transported from Carriageworks to a crisp, Japanese morning, through the
boutique company's Lemongrass and Ginger fragrance, which was infused throughout the room to create

'In the same way that fashion can evoke emotion, so too can fragrance, transporting us to a time, or a place' said Owner and Creative Director of Sydney Fragrance Co, Jai Evans.

'We love the idea that fragrance was able to be involved in the incredible theatre of Akira's MBFWA show today.
It's our ambition that fragrance be at the forefront of creative minds when designing any type of atmosphere; in the home, restaurants, even fashion shows! And as Sydney Fragrance Co is the fragrance of fashion, what better place for us to launch our range," Evans concluded.
Isogawa added that the -the Lemongrass and Ginger fragrance was certainly a lovely compliment to my show, and I have known Jai Evans for years and I'm just so happy he has launched his new company''

The worlds leading fashion mavens were gifted one of the Lemongrass and Ginger candles, which, upon burning at
home, will transport them back to the sensory spectacular that was Akira Isogawa's 2015 fashion masterpiece.

Lovers of all things aromatic, Sydney Fragrance Co has created a collection of fashion candles inspired by the
unique style of one of the world's most stunning and eclectic cities.

The company is the brainchild of Creative Director and style aficionado, Jai Evans. His portfolio delivers a luxury
collection of 15 fragrances that represents the many facets of Sydney style, including all of the classics, offset by
more contemporary blends, with limited-edition capsule collections to launch in line with seasonal trends.

An Australian-owned company, Sydney Fragrance Co lovingly hand crafts all their products locally in a custom designed workshop in the heart of Sydney, Australia. Each fragrance is conceived and formulated by world-class
perfumers ensuring a high-quality and unique candle

Using only the most premium materials; from the highest quality glassware to premium soy-blended wax and
cotton wicks, to create its premium home fragrance collection.

Candles (RRP $39.95) can be purchased online at:
National Customer Care: 1300 138 861