Syd Wilder Girl Insta-rupted Interview

Syd Wilder Girl Insta-rupted Interview

Sex, Self-Love, Show Business, Soul and Sanity

A true jack-of-all-trades in the entertainment world, Wilder has made a name for herself as a social media influencer with over 967,000 Instagram followers as well as with fan-favorite roles in the films Laid in America and Rideshare. She is currently using her reach to bring awareness to important issues with a comedic and light approach,on her Girl Insta-rupted podcast. Wilder created the platform as a way to give listeners an inside look at her life and how she overcame serious challenges including PTSD, rape, and attempted suicide just to name a few. In spite of the obstacles she has encountered, Wilder has risen from the darkness to find happiness and build a successful career. You can listen to the inspiring podcast here.

Girl Insta-rupted is all about sex, self-love, show business, soul, and sanity. Wilder enlists her friends and colleagues as guests on each episode to help the audience find humor in their dysfunctions.

Adding to her impressive resume, Wilder has also taken her talent behind the scenes with numerous directing credits and writing credits including shorts such as Break Up Moving Service, How to be an Actress in LA, and 5 Guys Every Girl Has Dated in LA. to name a few. She has also spent time producing her own content through her production company, Beyond My Wildest Dreams Productions as she continues to carve new roles for herself in the industry.

Interview with Syd Wilder

Question: What inspired the creation of Girl Insta-rupted?

Syd Wilder: I've always wanted to start a Podcast and finally in 2018 I decided to put dreams into action. The only thing holding me back was being in the midst of my depressing 3-year divorce battle. I made a promise to myself that I would not allow the hell I was going through to take away another day of my life. I wanted to create a fun, inspiring space where I candidly discuss mental health issues that most people aren't comfortable talking about. No topic is off limits. The overall message of my podcast is about self-love, sanity, sex, soul and show business. I released the first episode on my birthday (September 26th) as a present to myself.

Question: Why is it so important for you to share raw stories of your past on Girl Insta-rupted?

Syd Wilder: Social media has become this space full of highlight reels, photo shop and fake smiles. We need authentic stories and voices online that can inspire people. I've lived a wild life and I've learned a lot. I'm very proud that I've helped a lot of people by being so vulnerable and candid about my "not so pretty" and "not so perfect past."

Question: Can you tell us about some of the podcasts you have already recorded for Girl Insta-rupted?

Syd Wilder: Kelsey Darragh will be Insta-rupted soon and still waiting to get a date on the books with Whitney Cummings! I have a lot of other strong, inspiring females and healers.

Question: What's the main message you hope Girl Insta-rupted spreads?

Syd Wilder: The main message to Girl Insta-rupted is to be unapologetically yourself and that it's okay to fall apart. You can always put yourself back together. You don't have to have it all figured out to move forward, you just need to start moving.

Question: What are you enjoying most about podcasting?

Syd Wilder: I love meeting new people that I'm a fan of and learning about their lives. I am truly a people person and I love learning about what makes people who they are. In addition to learning, I also enjoy talking, inspiring and laughing.

Question: How do you ensure you keep each episode of Girl Insta-rupted fresh?

Syd Wilder: It's really about the topic and the guest. When I first started, I didn't really have a topic or format and now I realise the importance of that.

Question: How do you practice soulful self-love?

Syd Wilder: I pray to God (I'm a cursing, inappropriate, non-denominational and non-judgmental Christian). I believe in connecting with a higher power. Whatever that means to you! I read the daily devotional books my Papa gave me that I cherish. I am listening to Louise Hay right now. She's big on mirror work and affirmations. It's so important to replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts. It really takes time to practice eliminating the negative thoughts. But once you put in the work it really transforms your mind, body and spirit.

Question: What's next for you and Girl Insta-rupted?

Syd Wilder: I'm about to launch my website:

Also, I'm planning to launch some merch in 2019. I would like to do a live tour of my Podcast, speak at events in hopes to bring awareness to suicide prevention and write a book someday.

Question: What message do you hope to spread during Suicide Awareness Month?

Syd Wilder: We all struggle with suicidal thoughts; it's okay to admit if you're struggling. Don't silence your struggle. Talk about it with a safe person. There's nothing wrong with not being okay. There are people that want to help you help yourself. Don't give up!

Question: Why is it important for you to advocate for Suicide Awareness Month?

Syd Wilder: I am a suicide attempt survivor and I've also lost my stepfather to suicide in 2012. I've experienced suicide from all different aspects of my life and I'm still here, living. If I can choose to still be here, then I hope you can too! If I didn't advocate for suicide prevention, then I don't think I'd be living for the right purpose.

Question: Can you talk us through how mental health has affected you and your family?

Syd Wilder: As far as I know my family doesn't have any hereditary mental health issues. My stepfather suffered from severe depression and stopped taking his medication, which unfortunately resulted in him becoming suicidal.

I was diagnosed with ADHD like most kids in the 90's and I'm dyslexic. I have suffered a severe amount of trauma in my life. I've lost my Papa, my Stepfather and my best-friend from different causes. I went through a terrible divorce and I've survived domestic violence, cervical cancer and a suicide attempt. Because of all the trauma I've overcome, I've been diagnosed with C-PTSD. I've recently been diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder (hypothyroidism), which affects your mood and energy levels. I've finally found the right medication that's really helped me get back to my old self (Armour Thyroid). I hope people know whatever you're "diagnosed" with or whatever your traumas might be, you can overcome them! You are not your "diagnosis" and you are not what happened to you! You are a person who can be whoever you want to be! Be a kind one and a wild one!

Interview by Brooke Hunter
Photos: @dejajordanphoto