Swimwear Night Air

Swimwear Night Air

Dappled Cities singer and songwriter Tim Derricourt conjures blissfully restrained, cinematic bedroom pop on his latest Swimwear single 'Funny Bones'. The second chapter of his ambitious forthcoming concept album and debut LP Night Air, 'Funny Bones' picks up where previous chapter 'Happyness' left off, switching out the former's wobbly disco for shimmering strings and lush production. Swimwear is excited to finally reveal that his anticipated album will be released Thursday 3 December, following the unveiling of the final chapters in its enthralling saga.

The latest in the Night Air chronicles is the sprawling minimalist feel-gooder and two-part epic 'Funny Bones'. Released today in tandem with b-side 'Funny Bones (Part II)', the single marks the happy-go-lucky meeting of Night Air's protagonists. Where 'Happyness' echoes the tale of one character's soul-searching night out, 'Funny Bones' channels the thrilling beginnings of a new relationship endeavour.

"Loosely based on Richard Yates' 1960's novel Revolutionary Road, Funny Bones captures the lovers' first moments together – alone, in the corner of the room, everyone has disappeared and everything lies in each other. The first laugh, his hand on her wrist, her hand on his shoulder. Moving, to the corner of the room, and it's as if they're the only two people left in the world." - Tim Derricourt, Swimwear

"Funny Bones (Part II) leaps forward in the story. They moved to the suburbs, settled (or buried?) and the dream has become reality. They've turned the woods to lawn, and painted every wall, and it seems they're doing alright. But life – her life – has stopped. The walls are moving in and the lawn is as cut and dry as her world." - Tim Derricourt, Swimwear

Trickled out over four chapters, the seven-tracks of Night Air demand a single session listening in full, and on repeat, to hear a story of a life, lived at its most heartbreaking and uplifting. Album pre-sales are now available via Swimwear's Bandcamp, so be sure to hop to it!