Super Duper Alice Cooper Deluxe Edition

Super Duper Alice Cooper Deluxe Edition

Super Duper Alice Cooper Deluxe Edition

From Banger Films, the creators of 'Iron Maiden: Flight 666" and 'Rush: Beyond The Lighted Stage," comes 'Super Duper Alice Cooper" the story of Vincent Furnier, the preacher's son who struck fear into the hearts of parents everywhere as Alice Cooper, the most outrageous rock star of his generation. This unique 'doc opera," a dizzying blend of documentary archive footage, animation and rock opera goes from the early days of Alice as the frontman for a cutting edge rock band in the sixties through the hazy decadence of global celebrity in the seventies and on to his winking comeback as the glam metal godfather in the eighties. This is the tale of Alice and Vincent battling for each other's souls. 'Super Duper Alice Cooper" combines audio interviews with a wealth of archive Alice Cooper footage covering concerts, TV appearances, movie cameos, dramatic headlines and magazine spreads. All the highlights of his career are covered aided by contributions from some of the biggest music icons of all time including Iggy Pop, Elton John, John Lydon, Bernie Taupin, Dee Snider and of course Alice Cooper himself. This is the definitive, extraordinary story of the man and the myth that is uniquely Alice Cooper.

DVD - Montreal 1972
1) Be My Lover  

2) You Drive Me Nervous  

3) I'm Eighteen  

4) Is It My Body  

5) Dead Babies  

6) Killer  

7) Long Way To Go  

8) School's Out  

9) Under My Wheels

CD - Montreux 2009

1) It's Hot Tonight  

2) No More Mister Nice Guy  

3) I'm Eighteen  

4) Feed My Frankenstein  

5) Acoustic Solo  

6) (In Touch With) Your Feminine Side  

7) Dirty Diamonds  

8) Vengeance Is Mine  

9) Halo Files  

10) Welcome To My Nightmare  

11) Only Women Bleed  

12) Steven  

13) Dead Babies  

14) Ballad Of Dwight Fry  

15) Devil's Food / Killer / I Love The Dead  

16) School's Out  

17) Billion Dollar Babies