Stolen Recipe Ice Tea

Stolen Recipe Ice Tea

Stolen Recipe Ice Tea

Stolen Recipe Ice Tea celebrates the extraordinary recipes of ordinary people by taking their perfect ice tea formulas and granting all Australians the opportunity to have a taste.

Many people wonder why the Stolen Recipe team go to such lengths to share other people's ice tea recipes, after all, it'd be much easier to just use tea extract, add some sugar and Robert's your mother's brother, right? You'll understand why these recipes have been stolen, once you try one of the Stolen Recipe Ice Tea's.

Already, average Aussies (and ice tea pioneers), Blake, Deidre and Felicity have given over their prized recipes which have been faithfully recreated by the good people at Stolen Recipe. Now, and forever, these three have been immortalised on each bottle of their delicious ice tea creations.

Stolen Recipe Ice Tea is currently available in three delicious flavours:
Deidre's Energy Blend: Berry and Pomegranate
85.5% real brewed green tea + Siberian ginseng + blackcurrants + strawberries + blackberries + hibiscus + rosehips + bilberries + elderberries. The Siberian ginseng is known to restore energy while the berries are a rich source of antioxidants.

76-year old Deidre's Stolen Recipe Ice Tea is an energetic blend of berry and pomegranate, real brewed green tea with ginseng that is perfectly refreshing. You can certainly taste the energetic berry blend in this drink, especially the delicious blackcurrants.
Blake's Relax Blend: Mango and Passionfruit
83% real brewed chamomile tea + passion flower + lime flower. All ingredients are known for their calming properties.

Blake, a calm surfer provided the Ice Tea Relax Blend of Mango and Passionfruit, real brewed chamomile tea that will help any stress-head relax and feel revitalised. Mango and chamomile tea provides a calming tea taste that is not overly sweet.
Felicity's Quench Blend: Lemon and Lime
86.6% real brewed peppermint tea + chamomile tea + fennel + lemon balm. Perfect to quench thirst and aid digestion.

Felicity, a back-packing bookworm, provided her thirst quenching ice tea recipe for the Quench Blend; a mixture of lemon and lime brewed with peppermint tea. Felicity's Quench Blend is deliciously sweet, light and not over powering, like some other ice teas. The smell of lemon, lime and peppermint is truly a delight.

To do justice to the illustrious three's formerly secret recipes, Stolen Recipe has not cut any corners in their recreation. The range is made from only the highest quality premium loose leaf tea blends. Each bottle contains 83% - 86.6% real brewed loose leaf tea blend (no tea extract) including functional herbs and the remaining 13.4% - 17% is just delicious fruit juices. There is no added sugar, no preservatives, no added colours or flavours and no tea extract. What you see is what you get with Stolen Recipe. There are no hidden surprises.

I recommend you take a sip of Stolen Recipe Ice Tea as these are no ordinary ice teas; they aren't over-sugared and actually taste like tea! Unlike most ice teas which use tea extract, each bottle of Stolen Recipe Ice Tea contains real brewed teas, herbs and fruit juice. Stolen Recipe Ice Tea flavours are refreshingly fun and an overall pleasant ice tea beverage with no tangy or sticky after taste.

Stolen Recipe Tea invites all Australians to contribute their own unique and natural ice tea creations via their website

Tea Extract definition: this is what most ice tea drinks use. It is poor quality tea dust that undergoes a chemical extraction process, then bulk shipped as a powder or liquid for use in drinks. Stolen Recipe DOES NOT use any tea extract. All Stolen Recipe Ice Teas are made from real brewed loose leaf tea blends.

Available from: selected cafes and gourmet grocers
RRP: $3.50
Stockist: 1300 467 865