Stan Walker Self-Titled EP

Stan Walker Self-Titled EP

Brand New Single, Thank You

To coincide with Stan Walker's powerful documentary, Stan has also released the 6 new tracks featured in the documentary as a self-titled EP. The EP is available now and includes Thank You written by Stan as an ode to his mother April as a way of expressing his gratitude for her love and guidance. Stream or buy STAN now.


Stan the documentary follows Stan's journey to recovery after being given a cancer diagnosis in 2017.


Being unsure of what would happen after his diagnosis, Stan decided to start documenting each step of his treatment and recovery with a video camera. The resulting footage is raw, intimate, and affecting, and has become a powerful documentary which Stan is now sharing with the world. It's a portrait of his strength in the face of a life-changing illness, a portrait of the remarkable history and bond of his family, and a reflection of the respect and openness Stan has with his fans.


"I wanted to make the documentary to help people, and to also help myself process this whole thing. It was my idea, I like to use the best and worst parts of my life and to turn them into something creative."


You can expect to see a lot more of Stan this year as he turn this life-experience into music and performances, and celebrates the opportunity to let his voice rise once more.

EP Tracklisting:

Thank You
Love Hate
You Don't Know
Find You ft. Maisey Rika
I Surrender