So Here I Am

So Here I Am

Speeches by great women to empower and inspire

60 empowering speeches celebrating women in their own words through extracts and commissioned illustrations, spanning throughout history up to the modern day.

An inspirational collection of women's speeches that have changed our world, and the conversation. So Here I Am is a celebration of empowering speeches by women throughout history and today. History has many themes, one of them is that women should be quiet'; for too long, the female voice has not been part of the public sphere, perhaps with rare exceptions. This is a celebration of women speaking up; within politics, science, human rights, TV and media - speaking out about everything from free love, anti-war, discoveries, race, gender and women's rights. With evocative and powerful illustrations from Brasilian artists, Camila Pinheiro, this anthology of great women - whose own achievements speak for themselves - is firmly a part of the modern day. Dip into this curated selection of women's voices who need to be heard, now! This shot of inspiration serves as a reminder that despite all adversity, nevertheless, she persisted.

Anna Russell is a member of the editorial staff of The New Yorker. She previously covered arts and culture for The Wall Street Journal in London.

Camila Pinheiro is an illustrator, artist and mother living in Sao Paulo, Brasil. With a background in fashion and luxury brands, everything she produces has to have a narrative, a habit she developed in the marketing industry. Her influences range from Magritte, Matisse and Mondrian to Alexander Girard.

So Here I Am
Murdoch Books Australia
Author: Anna Russell
Illustrator: Camila Pinheiro
ISBN: 9781781318270
RRP: $39.99