Sleeping Apart not Falling Apart

Sleeping Apart not Falling Apart

Sleeping Apart not Falling Apart

Are you a Secret Separate Sleeper? Or do you just fantasise about having a bed to yourself? Which of your friends do you think might be Secret Separate Sleepers?

Jennifer Adams is determined to release Secret Sleepers from the closet of shame and allow them to hold their heads up high in public. (Wearing a -Proud to be a separate sleeper' button is optional.) Jenny has been a dedicated separate sleeper since before her marriage of eight years standing and loves to talk about the subject publicly.

Her book Sleeping Apart not Falling Apart: How to get a good night's sleep and keep your relationship alive contains hundreds of stories about separate sleepers throughout Australia. With the publication of her book, Jenny hopes to stimulate conversations between couples about their sleep needs as well as within society about why an admission that you sleep separately is now considered a sign that your relationship is in trouble? After all, couples sleeping is a fairly new social practice in human evolution. Perhaps it's just a bad phase that we will soon outgrow?

In her book, Jennifer also summarises the latest research in the field of sleep science. Sleeping separately within a relationship is a more common behaviour than you might think – and one which science is increasingly proving is good for your health.

Questions to ask around sleep include:
Why would people want to sleep separately?
Does it have a negative effect on relationships?
What are the benefits of sleeping separately?
What can happen when you don't get enough sleep?
Can sleeping separately improve a relationship?
How can separate sleepers tell their story without feeling embarrassed or ashamed?

Jennifer Adams has worked in education most of her life and currently is a communications officer. Jennifer is also a dedicated separate sleeper from her husband, to whom she has been very happily married for eight years. Always interested in writing, Jennifer had an article published on Mamamia about why couples might sleep in separate rooms and subsequently was swamped with media interviews. Given the interested response Jennifer decided that it was time to get the -sleeping separately' conversation out in public.

Sleeping Apart not Falling Apart
Author: Jennifer Adams