Shadowland DVD

Shadowland DVD

Shadowland DVD

Cast: Nate Buchsbaum, Krystal Butler, Victoria DeRenzo, Kristin Dobosz, Jared Doster, Heather Jeane Favretto, Morgan Houghton, Keith Kaplin, Maddy Lindi, Lauren Yalango, Jacob Michael Warren
Director: Nick Morris
Genre: Perfomance Theatre
Rated: PG
Running Time: 83 minutes

Performing over 100 choreographic works in more than 64 countries around the world and having featured on the 79th Annual Academy Awards, Oprah and Late Night with Conan O'Brien, Shadowland has brought artistic inspiration to audiences everywhere. The groundbreaking new performance by internationally acclaimed troupe, Pilobolus, goes beyond what audiences might expect from a dance company, and will be touring Australia between May and July 2014.

Part shadow act, part dance, part circus performance and part concert, the innovative Shadowland is a universal and intimately portrayed experience that is both intensely dramatic and comedic. Created in collaboration with Steven Banks, the lead writer of hit animated television series SpongeBob SquarePants, Shadowland incorporates multiple moving screens of different sizes and shapes to create a performance that merges projected images and front-of-screen choreography.

The story takes viewers on a visually enchanting journey of discovery, following the surreal experience of a young girl's sensational world as she comes of age. Feeling trapped by her parents and longing for independence, the girl prepares for bed and falls asleep, only to wake up to something lurking behind her bedroom wall – her shadow. Unable to escape from this dreamlike state, she must interact with strange and wonderful creatures in this post- modern adventure towards adulthood.

Delivering a mesmerising combination of light and shadow, high-energy acrobatics and original music, nine dancers perform without words in this stimulating journey that stretches the boundaries of creativity, making Shadowland this year's must watch theatrical show.

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Blu-ray: $34.95