Seedless Watermelon Football Cake

Seedless Watermelon Football Cake

Football Cake


- 2 large Seedless Watermelons
- 2 cups cream cheese frosting icing
- Liquorice strips


1. Remove rind from the Seedless Watermelons as carefully as you can (with mum and dad's help)

2. Once you have removed all the rind, you should be left with all the red flesh of the watermelon. Carefully begin cutting pieces off the Seedless Watermelon slice by slice*, to create an oblong shape, just like a football

3. Place the Seedless Watermelon that has been cut into the football shape on a platter

4. Decorate with the frosting and liquorice ties to look like a football with stitches

*Get mum and dad to help you when using any sharp knives or cutting tools
Serves 18 to 24
Kick some goals with Seedless Watermelon!

Did you know... Seedless Watermelon is made up of 92% water; the perfect way to hydrate after any activity!

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