Save Water in the New Year

Save Water in the New Year

5 No-Brainer Swaps You Can Make In The New Year To Save Water

Every January our resolution list looks something like: 'exercise more, practice more 'self love', me, drink more water, read more books, more me, save money, me and me, oh and me!'

2019 is the year to switch it up and add 'saving the environment one tiny step at a time' to your resolution list. With our nation in drought and 2018 being recorded as one of the hottest years for planet Earth, Sydney Water has thought of 5 no-brainer habit swaps you can make to save a little water this year because it's never been more important.

Swap Me:
1. Full flush isn't always necessary, so train your brain to use the 1/2 flush whenever possible.
2. Half full cup or water bottle? Water a plant instead of pouring down the drain!
3. Love the sound of the water running while you brush your teeth? Turn off the tap, there's apps for that.
4. Let it load: only wash your dishes when the dishwasher or washing machine is full.
5. Say goodbye to long showers, 4-minute ones are actually achievable! Challenge: time yourself and winner saves water!  

Photo by Kate Joie on Unsplash