Sarah Mary Chadwick Please Daddy

Sarah Mary Chadwick Please Daddy

Sarah Mary Chadwick today shares the magnificent video for the powerful and hopeful title track from her esteemed sixth studio album 'Please Daddy', released in January this year.


Premiering today via NME, the compelling clip is another incredible offering from SPOD, who directed + shot the video after taking Sarah to Luna Park on what coincidentally ended up being Halloween. We asked SPOD to provide us with a quote on this collaborative venture, and he explained "Sarah Mary Chadwick is like an amusement park on Halloween, and so is this clip", with Sarah adding "The ghost train wasn't as good as I remembered."


This premiere is accompanied by the very first etchings of what would later become 'Please Daddy' - a demo of Sarah's, originally titled 'Can't I Have My Own'. 


Sarah explains, "I tend to believe and tell people that when I song-write, things come out fully formed and quickly. When I revisited the demos I recorded for 'Please Daddy' I was interested to hear how the songs had initially been relatively different to how they ended up on the record."


A collection of the earliest recordings of what evolved into her most ambitious record to date and a release where 100% of sales will be going directly to Chadwick for the entirety of its release,  'Please Daddy, The Demos'  was released exclusively via Bandcamp this month.  


Watch here: