Sandee Facy Hummingbird

Sandee Facy Hummingbird

Sometimes in life, we are touched by a soul, one who makes us stop and appreciate. Sadly, all too often that soul leaves us before his/her time. Hummingbird is a beautiful tribute to an amazing young woman & dear friend of Sandee Facy. Natalie left us, after her battle with Cystic Fibrosis (CF), just shy of her 21st birthday. Sandee was deeply inspired to write that day, and she wrote her very first song to share with Natalie's family.

Since then, Hummingbird has evolved to uplift and inspire all who hear it as Sandee and her producer, Michael Zammitt embarked on making this project a celebration of her life. Natalie was the embodiment of strength, beauty, and tenacity. The lyrics of Hummingbird paint a picture of her life, and give us all a reminder to share our hearts, and to live more authentic lives. The track is a celebration of her courage and spirit.

"Hummingbird reflects Natalie's contagious laughter and the passion to continue her fire for educating the world about Cystic Fibrosis." - Sandee Facy

Earnest, heartfelt and caring. Those three words capture the essence of Melbourne-based singer-songwriter Sandee Facy. Originally a small-town girl from Michigan, in the United States, Sandee considers herself an Aussie these days, after calling Australia home for over 20 years. You could almost call her a local.

Music has been a life-long passion for Facy. Her musical pathway to date has seen her perform as a solo artist, in duos, and even as a front woman in a couple of bands. She has also been fortunate enough to turn her passion for music into commercial success outside performing, through her own successful music business. It's safe to say that Facy has embraced everything that music has to offer, and it's made for a wonderful journey.

In her early years she received a scholarship to the renowned Interlochen School of Music in Michigan and trained as a mezzo soprano. Amongst her list of career achievements, has been performing at the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville, treading the boards where many a legend has performed.

After a few decades carving out a career as an artist in the music industry, Sandee Facy the "singer-songwriter" was born. Inspired by the tragic death of a close friend, just days shy of her 21st birthday, Sandee put pen to paper and hasn't stopped since that moment. That song entitled 'Hummingbird' gave further purpose and direction to her career, as she focused on using music to support individuals with the heartbreaking condition Cystic Fibrosis.

Sandee, an avid traveller with an adventurous spirit, when not performing can be found in the tranquil setting of the You Yangs with her border collie Cisco and Nathan, an adopted, retired seeing-eye dog, spending quality time with family and friends or catching live music wherever it's played.