Samantha Sargent Spelt Oil Interview

Samantha Sargent Spelt Oil Interview

Samantha Sargent Spelt Oil Interview

Spelt Oil has surprising beauty benefits and AEOS is currently the only provider of spelt cream available to the Australian market.

Spelt has been around for centuries, over 8,000 years in fact, but interestingly we have only recently recognised its nutritional benefits, let alone the amazing results spelt oil can have on our skin and body.

Samantha says 'Spelt is such an incredible gift from nature when it comes to our body and our skin, it helps regulate our internal health with its high protein and fibre content, but the oil also has great healing and regenerating benefits for our skin."

Spelt oil is naturally high in vitamins and minerals such as vitamin E, zinc, magnesium and copper, 'It's a little known fact that copper is an important ingredient to aid in collagen and elastin production. Spelt oil effectively assists in the treatment of skin irritations and wound repair and can minimise the appearance of scars and fine lines, but there's so much more that spelt oil contains, it's very exciting," says Samantha.

AEOS harvest spelt on their biodynamic farm (delivering to local bakers!), and in the process, spelt oil is produced. This harvesting and extraction process only produces very small amounts of oil.

Interview with Samantha Sargent, natural health and beauty expert, holistic nutritionist and distributor of AEOS

Question: What is Spelt Oil?

Samantha Sargent: Spelt oil is a rich golden coloured oil that is extracted from spelt grain. Spelt is an ancient cousin of modern wheat and bursting with vitamins and proteins.

Question: What skin types will benefit best from Spelt Oil?

Samantha Sargent: All types of skin can benefit from spelt oil. Prematurely ageing skin, very dry skin, skin that has been subject to harsh environments or extreme changes in temperatures, eczema. Spelt is also beneficial for helping to minimise the appearance of pigmentation.

Question: What are the beauty benefits of Spelt Oil?

Samantha Sargent: The AEOS biodynamic spelt oil is extremely rich in vitamin E and essential fatty acids with excellent antioxidant, moisturising and regenerative properties. Spelt oil is absorbed by the skin effectively and quickly, and intensely smooths the skin and helps to reduce the appearance of any fine lines or pigmentation. I use the Enriching Spelt Hand Cream and on my body the Skin Replenisher Rich+ Cream, to help keep my skin supple and hydrated after spending so much of my day outdoors.

Question: How do we apply and use Spelt Oil?

Samantha Sargent: Spelt oil is extremely rich. A little goes a long way, and is best used sparingly. All AEOS skin care products contain spelt oil, and AEOS also have a Profound Nourishing Treatment product that is the 100% pure biodynamic spelt oil that can be used as an intensive skin treatment as often or sporadically as you wish.

Question: How will Spelt Oil change our entire skincare regime?

Samantha Sargent: Spelt oil is an effective natural alternative for common skin care concerns such as fine lines, dull skin, pigmentation, dry dehydrated skin.

Question: How much is Spelt Oil and where can we purchase it?

Samantha Sargent: The 100% pure biodynamic spelt oil is available as the AEOS Profound Nourishing Treatment. It contains 20 single use ampoules and is $135.80.

AEOS spelt products, including this unique treatment can be purchased here

Question: Can you share with us the reasons why copper, magnesium, iron are vital for maintaining youthful skin?

Samantha Sargent: Minerals have a fundamental role in the development of healthy skin cells. For example, copper is an important mineral that aids in collagen and elastin production.

Question: In saying that, how is Spelt Oil our one stop shop?

Samantha Sargent: Spelt oil is one of the most impressive oils I've experienced that helps to dramatically improve the look and feel of the skin. There is a world of beautiful oils that can work in harmony to help bring about beautiful skin. Spelt oil on its own can deliver fantastic results. Spelt oil, when combined with other plant extracts, as AEOS have done, can also deliver fantastic results.

Interview by Brooke Hunter