Sabine Raschhofer Screw the Rules

Sabine Raschhofer Screw the Rules

If you've ever wondered what would happen if you dared to venture from the norm, throw away the rule book and follow your heart, then this book is for you.

"Screw the Rules" is a true story of one woman's journey spanning countries, continents and lives within lives. Written from the heart by adventurer and rule book bender, Sabine Raschhofer, it is uplifting, engaging and guaranteed to inspire anyone who is uncomfortable with being comfortable to book a one-way ticket from humdrum to freedom.

The journey begins in Sabine's birth-place in the Austrian Alps where she grew up in blissful surroundings but longed for more. Sabine's restless nature and innate sense of adventure propel her on a trans-continental journey that sees her narrowly escape death. After a lengthy stay in hospital, undeterred, she courageously powers on, fuelled by faith, optimism and determination.

From the islands of Indonesia to the mountains of Venezuela, we see Sabine trek through the wilderness, forge life-long friendships and take on the biggest challenge of her life – a corporate and legal battle that she meets with ferocious and admirable resilience.

From backpacker to entrepreneur, Sabine's personal journey is shared with absolute honesty and shows how we can wear many hats to explore our own nature and find our way if we follow our heart.

About the Author:

Sabine Raschhofer was born and raised in the Austrian Alps. After graduating from college, she set out on a quest to find her calling. Seeking a life of freedom and fulfilment and driven by a strong sense of adventure, Sabine moved between countries and continents. From working in a South African beach bar, to selling advertising for The World Travel Guide, to managing a Wilderness Ranch in the Canadian outback, Sabine enthusiastically seized an exciting and eclectic mix of trans-continental employment opportunities.

On arrival in Australia, Sabine embraced her entrepreneurial spirit and set up her own company in Sydney but was faced with betrayal and bullying that forced her to mount the legal fight of her life. Sabine's strength of character, grit and determination enabled her to scale insurmountable problems with a strong sense of integrity and awe-inspiring resilience. She now calls Sydney home.

Screw the rules
Author: Sabine Raschhofer
RRP: $27.95


Interview with Sabine Raschhofer

Screw the Rules


What originally inspired the idea to write Screw The Rules?

The original idea of writing the book was inspired by my legal case and how it all unfolded. I felt that someone had to speak up and bring to light the things that happen behind closed doors; and, how, according to my lawyer at the time, it's common practice that big companies screw small business, 'that's just how it is'. If everyone gives in to that 'fact', then things will never change.


Once I started writing, the book turned into a bigger project - while pondering on my life, I had several realizations that I was very passionate about and that I felt I had to share by telling my story from the beginning.

Who do you hope reads Screw The Rules?

I don't believe that 'Screw the Rules' is directed at a certain age group or gender but rather hope that it speaks to the younger generation as much as older people and businessmen-and women.

What did you learn, about yourself, whilst writing Screw The Rules? 

It is interesting how, looking back on your life, certain experiences all of a sudden appear in a different light and you become a lot more accepting. Seeing the big picture with the benefit of hindsight made me realize that each challenge that I had faced had taught me very useful life lessons. It also became very clear to me that the fact that I had always been true to myself meant that I had no regrets - if I could start all over again, I wouldn't do anything differently.


Was it difficult reliving certain aspects/times of your life, whilst writing Screw The Rules? 

Reliving my life on paper was an amazing experience  – and, without doubt, a healing one; it was a great way to process and let go of past experiences that still triggered a stress response.

What's the main message you hope readers take from Screw The Rules? 

'Screw the Rules' is about making the most of life and living in the now; and how, when you follow our heart and are true to yourself you won't have any regrets and can overcome any obstacle or challenge. It's about stepping out of your comfort zone and doing what you love to do rather than living a life according to other people's rules and expectations. Not having any What if's or I should have's in your life is a very powerful thing.


I'm hoping to inspire the reader to take risks – it's the experiences that count and that make you feel alive; and it's the times when you step out of your comfort zone that you end up cherishing the most/are the most proud of. We only have the one life, so we might as well live it to the full.


Ref. my business & the legal case; a fair amount of people in business are ruled by greed & ego. The $$-signs in front of their eyes often blind them to what really matters. When someone engages in unethical business behaviour, their thoughts generally stop at the point where their ego gets fed. They don't see beyond their gain and the fact that there are actually real people behind the business that they are destroying; people who have put their heart and soul into building their dream.


I'm hoping that by telling my story, I can make the whole David vs Goliath saga a bit more real; that I can open some eyes and bring to light the actual (longer-term) implications caused by the greed for power (rather than stop at the part where Goliath wins); and to hopefully awaken some conscience. I don't know how anyone can enjoy their triumph/gain if they were to look behind the scenes and see the turmoil & suffering that they cause by their actions.  (I realize that this is utopian thinking, but in times like these [Covid 19], there might be a chance for change J… and we have to start somewhere..).


I'm also hoping to inspire underdogs to stand up for themselves. I might not have won my case, but at least I was true to myself and fought for it rather than living in anger and regret for the rest of my life… and unless we stand up (and speak up) for what's right, things will never change.


What or who inspired your love of reading/writing?

I have always loved reading biographies or watching movies that are based on a true story. Writing a book myself, however, was never something I had aspired to. I actually used to hate writing, especially when it came to essays in school (my teacher had taken a special dislike to me and made me fail every test) – if anyone would have told me 10 years ago that I would write a book, I would have said that there was a bigger chance of me going to the moon.


The idea of putting my experiences onto paper popped into my head one day, out of nowhere. It was so dominant, that I simply couldn't dismiss it and I eventually got stuck into it for eight months full-time. I still find it funny as it definitely was something that I never in my wildest dreams thought I would ever do. This just goes to show how important it is to stay open minded so to not miss out on amazing experiences J.

What's next, for you?

As has been the case all my life, I have no idea what's next ;)…


Screw the Rules is available at Amazon , $29.99, Dymocks  RRP $48.99