Rise Like A Phoenix

Rise Like A Phoenix

With a proven ability to live up to the hype surrounding her personal development manuals, Geraldine Mair is a self-help author at the top of her game.

Easy-to-read, compassionate and with a heart-felt desire to help others, Mair's Rise Like a Phoenix is the first book in the brand-new book that supports her globally acclaimed 'Choose to Climb' series and is preceded by '100 ways to Rise and Live Your Best Life', volumes one and two.

A proven catalyst for change, The Phoenix Collection bursts with helpful strategies and affirmations, whilst providing that sometimes needed kick up the backside to set us on the path to finding the best version of ourselves.

Rise Like a Phoenix, the first in the series, is a highly pragmatic book based on many personal experiences. It is the culmination of years of work and research into human habits that everyone is conditioned by. To reach any goal in life you need to learn the lesson, find the positive, and move on. You will learn how to shift those limiting patterns that hold you back and reignite your passion for life.

Everyone has memories from the past that caused them pain; it can either define you or give you the fuel to change and choose who you want to become. Obstacles are often dispersed like thorns across the path, hindering your progress; your fear is the immobilising anchor encouraging you to stay within the confines of what's familiar.

You will learn how to change through choice, reprogramme restrictive thoughts and how your mind tricks you to encourage conformity. And so much more. It's time to discover your power and use it to design the life you really want, and I can show you how inside the pages of this book. So, immerse yourself in this new knowledge and start the process of elevation beyond your own conditioning towards mental toughness.

Step into your greatness... Rise Strong, Accept and Soar.

About the author 
From a humble background to supermarket worker, to manager, to business owner, to bestselling self-help author, Geraldine Mair has created a highly successful career as a businesswoman and more importantly a caring human being who has shared in the sheer joy of impacting other people's lives.

As a successful business woman she founded her own complimentary and wellness therapy company, working with sports people in competition preparation and with the general public in muscle injury recovery.

Through her talking therapies she has helped hundreds of people overcome mental wellbeing issues to help turn their lives around. A fully qualified holistic therapist, with diplomas in counselling and psychology she is sought after as a freelance writer and speaker, with published articles in the Far East, Africa and Europe, as well an acclaimed guest on podcasts in the USA and UK.

Geraldine Mair is also author of Amazon best-selling series 'Choose to Climb' which and '100 ways to Rise and Live Your Best Life', volumes one and two.

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