Reclaim Your Skin Interview

Reclaim Your Skin Interview

Get Your Glow Back: Reclaim Your Skin When Coming off the Pill

Millions of women worldwide are choosing to come off the pill, whether it's to start to try for a bubba, reduce the amount of Synthetic hormones in their body or simply because they are tired of struggling with its side effects.

The problem? Women often go onto the pill in the first place to help with problem skin. By coming off the pill, acne prone skin can once again flare up, become dry and/or oily and, as a result, resort back to less than ideal teenage skin. When you are putting a synthetic hormone into the system, the body thinks you have enough so it can stop producing the hormone, so when you come off the pill woman tend to have estrogen dominance and low progesterone, which can then cause them to breakout when they come off the pill.

Experts recommend that if you are thinking of coming off the pill, up to six months beforehand start prepping your skin and skincare regime to really fool-proof the transition as effortlessly (and flare-up-free) as possible.

DMK is backed by science and is renowned for matching formulations with YOUR own unique body's chemistry. From individualised treatments and skincare – you can reclaim your post-pill skin and get your glow back as soon as possible, and as seamlessly as possible.

Interview with Debbie Dickson

Question: How does coming off the pill affect our skin?

Debbie Dickson: It is very common for women's skin to go a bit crazy and break out when they come off the pill, because being on the pill can cause hormonal imbalances leading to congestion and painful breakouts.

Question: Why does this happen to many of us?

Debbie Dickson: When you are taking the birth control pill, you are putting synthetic hormones into the body every day, effectively your body thinks you are pregnant, you can't get pregnant twice right. So, because the body works on a negative feedback mechanism, it thinks there is enough hormones there so production will decline. And because your body thinks it is pregnant progesterone declines and they become estrogen and androgen dominant, which when we stop taking the pill and putting that synthetic hormone into the system cause women to breakout. This is also why the pill can cause that passive hyper pigmentation.

Question: How can we reclaim our skin after coming off the pill?

Debbie Dickson: My advice would be to have a course of professional DMK quick peel and Enzyme therapy treatments. These will gently exfoliate the skin to clear any dead cell material and clean out the top of the excretory ducts. They also increase circulation, improving oxygenated blood flow, which creates an inconducive environment for bacteria to breed in, and enhances the lymphatic drainage system, draining toxins and impurities from the skin, to clear the breakout quickly and avoid scarring. Get on a good home care routine, that includes lotions that heal and eliminate the breakouts fast. Also doing a home exfoliation once a week followed by a purifying masque.

Question: What foods or vitamins can help promote healthy skin and balance to the body after coming off the pill?

Debbie Dickson: Foods that aggravate acne are dairy and sugar, GMO foods, and refined carbohydrates, I recommend eating really clean during this phase. When clients are breaking out I love a combination of the Regul8 Digestive Tune-Up and Relax, to restore optimal digestive function and the microbiome as the pill disrupts this and Relax helps to support the adrenal glands and regulate cortisol. High cortisol makes acne worse, that is a whole topic on its own, Regul8 Relax formulation will also help to rebalance the hormones, you feel amazing on Relax. The other thing I strongly recommend is DMK EFA Ultra, this is an essential fatty acid supplement, contains omega 3, 6, 9, and the very rare omega 7, it also contains vitamins, mineral and amino acids, and also has a high concentration of an ingredient called fucoidan, this is a really amazing ingredient. Essential fatty acids (EFAs) are very good for restoring hormonal balance, they increase the free water levels in the skin and water proof the skin, this will help the oil to flow onto the surface of the skin instead of getting clogged down in the hair shafts and sebaceous glands. EFAs also make the sebum nice and thin so it flows through and isn't thick and waxy and clogging. When something is called essential it means the body doesn't manufacture it, so it must be obtained from either diet or supplement, EFAs are critical for skin health. EFA Ultra is great for skin, hair and nails.

Question: What can we do prior to coming off the pill to prevent flare-ups?

Debbie Dickson: Ensure the skin is really healthy and functioning optimally, clean out any congestion that could be triggered, I would definitely recommend having a couple of professional treatments to restore balance into the skin. Get on the essential fatty acids, start to eat really clean and drink plenty of water.

Question: How can we treat flare-ups after coming off the pill?

Debbie Dickson: DMK have a day and a night spot treatment lotion to heal and eliminate those pesky breakouts fast. ACU-KLEAR is applied to the congestion and breakouts during the day and ACU-THERM at night. By having some weapons to actively address these breakouts there is less chance of picking them and marking and scarring the skin.

Question: Can women expect their skin to get worse before it gets better if they go off the pill without skin-preparation?

Debbie Dickson: Absolutely. Not everyone but the majority.

Question: How long does it take for the pill to flush out of the system?

Debbie Dickson: It only takes a few days for the pill to be out of your system, but the imbalances can take 3 to 6 months to regulate in the system and this is very dependent on the individual and what there hormones were like before they started.

Interview by Brooke Hunter