Monika Radulovic Interview

Monika Radulovic Interview

Monika Radulovic Joins HIVITA Luminous White as Skincare Ambassador

Monika Radulovic, Australian model, beauty pageant titleholder, psychology graduate and current contestant on Australian Survivor, has joined HIVITA Luminous White as their global skincare ambassador.

Interview with Monika Radulovic

Question: Why did you choose to become an ambassador for HIVITA Luminous White?

Monika Radulovic: HIVITA has been my go-to brand for years to nourish my body and achieve the best possible beauty benefits from the inside out. Like me, HIVITA believe in a holistic approach to beauty, nutrition and self-care so to be able to represent an Australian company that I believe in wholeheartedly is an honour.

Question: What do you love about the HIVITA Luminous White range?

Monika Radulovic: I love how simple, unique and effective this product is! HIVITA is the first skincare range in Australia to be made with rare, non-genetically modified white tomatoes, which naturally brightens the skin and boosts hydration for a smooth, glowy complexion. Using natural products that isn't harsh on my skin is very important to me, and HIVITA's two-phase collection is easy to use and contains naturally derived extracts such as Jojoba Seed oil, so I know my skin is getting taken care of, naturally.

Question: Which of the HIVITA Luminous White products could you not live without?

Monika Radulovic: The HIVITA Luminous White Skin Renewal Cream is one product I can't skip during my morning skincare routine. It has this velvety texture and is super absorbent, and my skin has really reaped the benefits since I started using it. However, I always try to use this product alongside the HIVITA Ultra Skin Lightening Booster, which is a once-a-day capsule that helps maintain overall skin health from the inside out.

Question: What does holistic health mean for you?

Monika Radulovic: Optimal health for me means working towards feeling good on the inside and out - not only feeling good about your body, but feeling good mentally and emotionally. I believe working towards this by taking care of your skin, eating healthy foods and working out regularly is all important for a holistic, healthy lifestyle.

Question: How can we take a step towards optimal health by beginning our own holistic journey?

Monika Radulovic: I believe it's really important to take small steps in our health journey to reach our ultimate health goals. It all starts with hydration, not just hydrating our skin with moisturisers and having a regular beauty routine, but hydrating our whole body from within by drinking plenty of water (boring but true!). Avoiding sugar and processed foods is also something that greatly benefits the skin, and can be cut down bit by bit and replaced with natural foods that still gives you an energy hit (like apples and bananas). Having a regular fitness routine is also very important, even just 20 minutes of walking a day can lift your emotional wellbeing, benefit your bone and muscle health, and assist with weight loss.

Question: Do you have a morning routine, could you share it with us?

Monika Radulovic: First thing I do each morning is to head over to my local F45 studio and workout. The 45 minutes of high intensity first thing in the morning leaves me feeling energised and eager to kick start my day. I then have some breakfast and take my HIVITA High Potency Women's Multi (I find both these things are really important in terms of how my body functions, looks and feels). I also try to wear as little makeup as possible when I'm not working at a photoshoot. I love rocking an effortless look, so after I've moisturised my skin, I add some mascara, brush my eyebrows, add a little highlighter above my cheekbones and finish with some tinted lip balm to add some rosy colour to my lips.

Question: What did you learn about yourself whilst on Australian Survivor?

Monika Radulovic: I found that you truly learn how to push yourself to your limits. Being put into challenges that you wouldn't ever imagine yourself doing really helps learn how strong you can really be – It's all about having a positive mind set. I also realised all the things we usually take for granted, even simple things like being able to shower with clean water or brush your teeth every morning, things that many people around the world aren't as lucky to have in their day-to-day lives.

Question: How did you survive without the health and beauty products we usually take for granted?

Monika Radulovic: We basically had nothing when it came to health and beauty products on Survivor. I would just shower in the ocean and use the light sand granules to exfoliate my skin and surprisingly my skin was actually great. I think the fresh air and the ocean water helped in some sense and after weeks of no shampoo, conditioner or product I think the oils in my skin and hair started to self-regulate.

To brush our teeth, we used bamboo and because our diet was so restricted, and we weren't digesting a lot of processed carbs or sugars I didn't smell any bad breath while I was there and no body odour either. The salt water did its job!

Question: How did you regain your fitness and nutrition after Australian Survivor?

Monika Radulovic: Trying to get back into a regular fitness and nutrition routine was really important when I returned from Survivor because we had absolutely no products available to us whatsoever (besides sunscreen) and were faced with the harsh elements every day. So coming home I needed to force myself back into a self-care regime which included skincare, dental care, hair care, body care and even training and nutrition as I felt so sluggish and unmotivated once I got home from the Island. I'm also a sucker for trying anything and everything when it comes to health and wellness, and I tried F45 for the first time last year and haven't stopped since. It's really helped me regain my fitness levels since coming back. Also, after eating nothing but rice and beans on the Island, eating healthy foods, drinking lots of water and taking nutrition supplements was really important to improve my overall health since being back.

Interview by Brooke Hunter