Pukka Herbs Women's Tea

Pukka Herbs Women's Tea

Pukka Herbs Women's Tea

Pukka invites women everywhere to take time out to nurture themselves, with Pukka's Womankind tea and the launch of two new teas for women, Motherkind Pregnancy and Motherkind Baby. The new organic and fairly traded "women's" range is specifically designed to support the wellbeing of women throughout every stage of life.

With beautiful new packaging, Pukka's Womankind tea offers a unique blend of balancing, regulating herbs to help women feel rejuvenated and find balance throughout the month. Offering warmth and nourishment for mothers to be, Motherkind Pregnancy is a nurturing blend that's been designed to support a healthy pregnancy, while Pukka Motherkind Baby has been expertly blended to support mother and baby and promote a healthy milk supply.

Part of the asparagus family and native to tropical and subtropical India, shatavari is the hero herb found in all three blends. According to Pukka co-founder and Master Herbalist, Sebastian Pole, shatavari contains natural precursors to female hormones that help to balance hormones, enhance fertility, promote conception and reduce menopausal and menstrual symptoms.

"We developed this new range of teas to specifically address some of the key wellbeing needs of women at key stages of their lives, helping to promote a healthy mind and body, naturally" explains Sebastian. "As well as featuring herbs which are known to support pregnancy and breastfeeding, these teas also contain the queen of herbs, shatavari which has been used for centuries in India. As an adaptogen, shatavari has a natural regulating effect which helps to balance the body," said Sebastian.

Like all teas in Pukka's extensive collection, the new women's teas were created by sourcing the finest ingredients from over 50 countries around the world that are sustainably grown, harvested, and fairly traded. Designed to be a treat for the senses, Pukka teas are all certified organic, which means that no artificial chemicals or fertilisers are used in their production.

An everyday blend to help women balance and bloom, Womankind (RRP $7.95) helps to regulate hormonal balance for women at all life stages. Offering a delicate organic blend of delicious cranberry, shatavari to balance hormones and regulate the menstrual cycle, as well as delicate rose and sweet vanilla, this cup helps to find your perfect balance.

MotherKind Pregnancy
Motherkind Pregnancy (RRP $7.95) is perfect for pregnant women wanting to avoid caffeine and still seek solace in a comforting cup of bliss. A natural support to a healthy pregnancy, the tea has been delicately blended with key herbal ingredients to support women during the second and third trimesters of pregnancy. Raspberry leaf strengthens uterine muscles and prepares for birth, shatavari supports a healthy uterine environment, while nettle and mint work in conjunction to help ease morning sickness.

MotherKind Baby
Motherkind Baby (RRP $7.95) is a nourishing blend of functional herbs that support mother and baby during breastfeeding. This caffeine-free tea uses only the purest, 100% organic and sustainably sourced ingredients that nourish and protect the body from inflammation and pain, increase the flow of milk during breastfeeding and ease colic in babies. Sweet fennel seed, a natural galactagogue, encourages the production of breast milk. The hero herb, shatavari root, stimulates the production of prolactin in breastfeeding, therefore increasing the flow of milk. Bitter fennel seed adds delicious flavor alongside an ability to stimulate digestion, and turmeric is soothing and calming due to its natural anti-inflammatory and pain relieving properties, as well as containing antioxidants to protect mother and baby from any nasty free radicals.

Pukka is distributed in Australia by Organic Trader and is available from selected health food stores, independent grocers, and online at www.pukkaherbs.com.au.