Is that really…? Could it be…?

Globally renowned British artist Alison Jackson's celebrates the launch of her new book Private in her own inimitable style by bringing to New York perhaps her most ominous Live performance yet 'Donald Trump" and his first ladies" in a presidential cavalcade.

Private, available on Amazon, is a celebrity book like no other, offering exclusive access to the incredible scenes we may have imagined but never actually seen before. In her signature style, Alison unveils a stunningly realistic staged world. As ever she populates it with some of the most famous faces of today, including - for the first time -Donald Trump' - as well as incredible images of the -Royal Family', -Kim' and -Kanye' and many others.

The images take readers on a hilarious journey around the borders of the outrageous and the all-too-believable. Characteristically of Alison's work, Private brilliantly and knowingly blurs the lines between fact and fiction leaving the reader to wonder if the camera really is dissembling.

In weaving its magic Private dares to point the lens back at us, simultaneously revelling in and challenging our endless fascination with the celebrity-crazed culture which helps define the politics and the entertainment of our age.

Private expertly swings between the outrageous and the all too believable. It knowingly blurs the lines between fact and fiction –daring to point the lens back at us and our celebrity-crazed culture.

Alison Jackson is a British BAFTA and multi-award winning contemporary artist who makes convincingly realistic work about celebrities doing things in private using lookalikes. Her photographs have established wide respect for her as a funny, incisive and thought provoking commentator on the ever growing phenomenon of celebrity culture.

Author: Alison Jackson