Princess Benjamina Has a Very Cheeky Bum

Princess Benjamina Has a Very Cheeky Bum

When you are trying to find your inner voice, sometimes you need to look behind you! This delightful tale, bursting with humour, proves that behind every cheeky princess... is her own rear end.

Princess Benjamina had a very cheeky bum And wherever Benjamina went, her bum was sure to come. It didn't fluff. It didn't smell. It didn't make a mess. Instead it liked to shout things that embarrassed the princess...

Princess Benjamina's talking bum gets her into all sorts of mischief.

But now Benji has a plan to get to the bottom of the matter - a clever plan that will shoosh her tush for good, or at least for the night of the Royal Ball...

About the author:
Claire Hooper is an accomplished stand up comedian, tv presenter, podcaster and columnist who has finally achieved something her childhood self would care about. Next up, she needs to buy a medieval castle and solve a Rubik's cube. Probably just write more storybooks.

Jackie Nguyen is an Australian illustrator and visual development artist with a passion for animation and storytelling. Working with bright colours and bold shapes, she aims to capture a feeling of joy and warmth in her work. When she isn't painting and sketching, Jackie enjoys travelling and hanging out with her dog, Chickpea.

Princess Benjamina Has a Very Cheeky Bum
Allen & Unwin
Author: Claire Hooper
Illustrator: Jackie Nguyen
ISBN: 9781760876579
RRP: $19.99