Porter's Paints Smooth Impasto

Porter's Paints Smooth Impasto

Smooth Impasto, a stunning collection of 44 rich and uniquely textured colours with a velvety matte finish, has been added to the Porter's Paints colour library, providing even more colour inspiration.

Porter's Paints Colour Expert, Melanie Stevenson, says the quality, depth of colour and finish of Smooth Impasto is unparalleled.

"The properties of the Smooth Impasto paint affords the range its signature pigment intensity, a tactile softness and ultra-matte finish," Melanie says.

"Porter's colourists carefully craft colours with a layered combination of Porter's unique tints, which when applied, the complexities of the colour allow it to play and shift in the changing light of your space.

"The focus is also on the range's application, which is characterised by its lack of uniformity, a distinct layering of colour with subtle but visual brush marks that is both beautifully textured and undeniably original."

From rich Grenache to Verdant green – there is a colour to suit any interior scheme.

"Australians' confidence with colour is growing, and with this the drive to create spaces that reflect our individuality and personal expression. Porter's Smooth Impasto creates a sense of depth and gives walls a unique natural character, which enables styling to be pared back and creates a beautiful background for statement artwork, furniture or decorative accessories," Melanie says.

"Warm terracotta and burnished reds, such as Dolce Vita and Santa Cruz, hint at an Eastern influence, and pair beautifully with natural materials, such as warm timbers, stone and linens. They are cocooning colours that are grounded in nature and easy to live with, allowing you to add character with minimal fuss.

"Smoky, cool and muted blue-greys, such as Anchorage, Duck Egg and Vintage Blue denote laid back drama, sophistication and simplicity, complementing furniture and accessories with minimalist lines, particularly in black and metallics.

"Complex deep greens like Nori and Andalusian Olive, decadent blue-greens such as Gulf Stream and Viridian, and vibrant olive tones like Castelvetrano and Extra Virgin create an elegance, moodiness and theatre, which can work well in studies, dining spaces or master bedrooms.

"Porter's Smooth Impasto adds another dimension to colour as the undulation of the texture creates an appealing shadow effect – it elevates the look of your space."

The Porter's Smooth Impasto range can be protected and made wipeable with a protective coat of Porter's Matt Wall Sealer, to protect against general signs of wear and tear if featured in some of the most lived-in rooms of the home. The curated Colour Collection 16 is also available in existing Porter's paint finishes such as their signature wall paint Eggshell Acrylic, or for high traffic areas, Low Sheen Acrylic. Porter's expert colourists can produce custom colours upon request. Porter's Paints Smooth Impasto is available in 2 Litres, 4 Litres and 10 Litres, retailing from $95.00 - $320.00.