Pimms Pure Pops

Pimms Pure Pops

Summer entertaining tips from Pure Pops founders Alice Storey and Georgina Larby


1. Preparation is key – you don't want to be in the kitchen while all your friends are having fun. Simple, tasty and punchy flavours all work well for summer. Sharing also takes the stress out of the meal – big platters of salad, soft bread rolls and grilled herb crusted meats are the perfect meal. Dessert is a particularly easy one to prepare in advance – trifles, Eton Mess, a summer fruit tart or home-made ice pops are all great options.


2. Personal touch – have a personal story or memory to explain why you are serving a certain dish or cocktail. This makes it more special and is a great conversation starter.  Perhaps serve a cocktail that you enjoyed on a recent holiday - Michelada from Mexico or a Pimm's jug inspired by your English travels. 


3. Mood lighting – outdoor lighting is a great way to take the party to the next level. Soft lighting is key for summer entertaining – hardware or furniture stores have great party light sets or try tea lights in jars or lanterns for a lovely glow.


4. Flower power – small pots plants and fruit can be a great way to decorate your table and outdoor area and also more cost effective than buying cut flowers. If you find you have a little extra time on your hands you can always head to the farmers market for affordable plants, fruit and flowers. Another great thing about using plants is you get to use them over and over again. Just don't forget to water.


5. The sound of music – feeling uninspired and need something new? There are some great apps out now that make music more accessible. Type in genre or favourite band and these geniuses will make a playlist for you. Pandora is one of our favourites.


6. BBQ in style – we all know Australians love to barbecue but now you can shake things up a little with all of the fancy new barbecues on the scene. Some barbecues have the options for a pizza stone or perhaps give the Texas barbecue a go with slow cooked ribs and grilled corn and coleslaw. Whole sides of fish work really well too, try lemon and parsley grilled trout with a homemade potato salad.

To celebrate (and show the Brits how it's done properly), Pimm's is partnering with all natural Australian artisan, ice pop company, Pure Pops, to create the Pimm's Pop!

The Pimm's Pop sees the classic Pimm's serve, reinvented in the form of a non-alcoholic smashing ice pop, perfectly suited to the Australian climate. Ideal for the upcoming entertaining season, the Pimm's Pop is a jolly good fresh and fruity ice pop recipe that you can create and freeze at home. Combining strawberries, cucumber, orange, mint and other delicious ingredients featured in the classic Pimm's serve, this delectable and eye-catching ice pop will be the star of your Pimm's cocktail.

Pure Pops founders Alice Storey and Georgina Larby are excited for Pimm's lovers to try their Aussie take on the classic Pimm's serve this summer. Alice says, 'Brits may have started the Pimm's tradition, but we all know Aussies have the better summer. Pimm's Pops give the signature fresh flavours of a classic Pimm's serve an original twist just right for stylish summer get togethers."

As the sophisticated summer crowd know, a glass of Pimm's is an unrivalled drink, bursting with fresh fruit and mint, coupled with the light taste of spice and citrus. It's already the ultimate fruity concoction and go-to tipple for picnics, summer weddings, garden parties, the races and the polo, and with this new recipe, Pimm's will become a top choice when entertaining.

So what are you waiting for? Don't dilly dally about, make your own Pimm's Pops by following the step-by-step instructions for a delightful drink that is sure to impress.