Paula's Choice Clinical Ultra Rich Moisturiser

Paula's Choice Clinical Ultra Rich Moisturiser

Paula's Choice Clinical Ultra Rich Moisturiser

Dry skin on the face isn't the result of just one issue. It can be caused by many factors, including extreme weather, sun exposure and skin conditions, such as eczema and dermatitis. Some prescription acne medications can also dry out your skin, leaving it irritated and flaky. So what can you do? The key to relief from stubborn dryness requires an especially soothing, antioxidant-enriched facial moisturizer.

The NEW Clinical Ultra-Rich Moisturizer from Paula's Choice is a clinically-proven moisturizer that treats extremely dry and sensitive – including eczema-prone skin. Carefully-researched skin‐repairing ingredients, including emollients, anti-irritants, and plant oils, are combined in a non‐greasy cream that spreads easily for smoother, healthier, and significantly more comfortable skin.

As with all Paula's Choice Clinical products, the hydrating Clinical Ultra-Rich Moisturizer contains ingredients with published research confirming their effectiveness. This solution‐oriented product provides clinical-grade results!

Clinically Proven To:
Relieve extremely dry, uncomfortably tight skin
Prevent moisture loss for 12 hours
Eliminate irritation and redness with soothing plant oils

Features & Benefits:
Eliminates dry, rough skin texture and flaking
Quickly repairs and strengthens skin's vital barrier function
Provides hydration and anti‐aging benefits
Rich, creamy texture coddles skin
Clinically proven non-irritating, even for extra‐sensitive skin
100% fragrance-and colorant-free

How To Use Apply after cleansing, toning, and exfoliating anywhere on the face, neck, or eye area. For daytime, follow with a broad-spectrum product rated SPF 25 or greater.

Works well under any type of foundation or concealer. For enhanced results, pair with a Paula's Choice serum.

RRP: $46.00