mesoestetic energy C Intensive Cream

mesoestetic energy C Intensive Cream

mesoestetic energy C Intensive Cream

energy C by mesoestetic® is formulated with high concentrations of vitamin C (ascorbic acid), to help effectively respond to the first signs of photoaging. When applied topically, vitamin C remains on the skin for 48 hours, thereby having 30 times the therapeutic effect of oral supplementation. Its effectiveness has been shown in a number of in vivo and in vitro studies, which have conclusively demonstrated its antioxidant, UVA & UVB photo-protective and skin brightening properties.

Thanks to its high concentration of vitamin C, energy C is the ideal treatment for skin that has become fragile due to excessive sun exposure and other environmental damage.

energy C intensive cream (50ml)
Brightening cream formulated to respond to the first signs of aging. Its high concentration of stable vitamin C helps even out skin tone providing it with brightness. Its antioxidant properties help protect against the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays, helping prevent premature photoaging. The combination of its active substances also provides moisturising benefits helping smooth fine lines.

Other active ingredients:
Osilift: ingredient obtained from oats with immediate tensor properties. It has a cumulative effect to help treat fine wrinkles and expression lines.

Vitamin E: powerful antioxidant which helps protect the skin and

improves tissue micro-circulation. Method of Use: Apply in the morning and at night onto the face, neck and neckline using a gentle, circular motion until the product is fully absorbed.

Size: 50ml
RRP: $157.80

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