Passione by Smeg

Passione by Smeg


By Grant Collins

Passione is a delicious concoction created by expert mixologist Grant Collins, featuring Vodka shaken with Fraise & Italian Vermouth. With a fresh tang from strawberries, balanced with cold pressed lemon juice and sugarcane syrup, Passione is finished with a prosecco foam and rose & prosecco fog.

30mls Vodka
10mls Fraise
10mls Italian Vermouth3-4 pressed strawberries
Dash of strawberry reduction
15 mls pressed lemon juice
Rose syrup

Served in a Copa glass over triple froze ice. Finished with Prosecco foam and prosecco and rose fog.

Passione is a delicious concoction created in partnership with Smeg and expert mixologist Grant Collins.