Passion Pop Pink Evolution

Passion Pop Pink Evolution

Passion Pop Pink Evolution

Grease, Molly Ringwald, carnations and Iced VoVos all embraced the iconic status of hte colour pink in the retro years. From the Pink Ladies and Pretty in Pink to one of our nation's favourite biscuits and the flower that said I'll never forget you, pink has always made a statement and represented friendship, sharing and good times.

With origins recording it as a colour in the 17th century, today's pink holds superstar status represented by the singer and the symbolic, charitable ribbon. There is even a Facebook page dedicated to this much loved colour.

Tranquillising and romantic, this colour evokes femininity and symbolises many things that women are passionate about. Pink is the colour of universal love, goodness and beauty.

Capturing the essence of all things in pink is the brand new release from iconic sparkling wine brand Passion Pop. A market leader for over 30 years, Passion Pop is embracing all the hallmarks of the pink evolution with its Pasion Pop Pink release.

Passion Pop Pink is a confident but fun sparkling wine with sweet aromas of strawberry and slight undertones of vanilla. A very lively, refreshing and bubbly wine with long-lingering delicious strawberry flavours on the palate.

Grab your friends and think pink. Pink is for everyone and Passion Pop Pink is for sharing. Available from all good wine retailers.

Passion Pop Pink is my type of sparkling, fun and fruity, it's easy to drink and doesn't give you the headache that some wines with tannins do.