Parlour Games for Modern Families

Parlour Games for Modern Families

Parlour Games for Modern Families sets out to revive the tradition of indoor family games: push aside the consoles, turn off the telly, and bring some mental stimulation, silliness and laughter, joy and connection back into your living room.

Tis book is bursting with games of logic and memory, wordplay, card games, role-play, and rough and tumble. Not a single game requires equipment that you won't fnd in your average home: a pack of cards, a dictionary, an hourglass, dice, paper and pen.

Games are organised thematically and referenced for age appropriateness. All are set out with clear rules and instructions. Tere are games that will challenge and stimulate you, and games that will have you in fts; games that can last all night, and games to fll that empty half-hour before tea; games for adults and older children, and games for your four-year-old's birthday party.

Parlour Games for Modern Families, a book for fun-lovers aged four to 104, winds back the clock to remind you of games you'd forgotten and then a whole lot more. Whether you dip into it as the urge takes you or read it from cover to cover, a very good time is guaranteed.

Myfanwy Jones is the author of The Rainy Season, shortlisted for the Melbourne Prize for Literature's Best Writing Award 2010, and Leap, longlisted for the 2016 Voss Literary Prize and fnalist for the Miles Franklin Literary Award. She lives and writes by a creek in Melbourne.

Spiri Tsintziras along with her tribe of young and not-so-young research assistants, has rediscovered the joy of games in the writing of this book. When she is not playing, she writes for work and pleasure, and has had many articles published in The Age.

Parlour Games for Modern Families
Authors: Myfanwy Jones and Spiri Tsintziras
ISBN: 9781921844416
RRP: $24.99