How to Perfect the Perfect Pairings with Your Cheeses

How to Perfect the Perfect Pairings with Your Cheeses

It's official; gin is making a comeback. Australian Google trends show that both cheese and gin have spiked over the past few months. Is this a coincidence? We think not.

With Ginsecco set to be the drink for the summer, we've discovered the cheese board that complements your drink choice, perfectly.

The Spirits Ambassador, Sinea Weintz, has been tasked with creating the perfect gin and cheese serves this summer - not a bad job!

"We started off by looking at the lead botanicals in each gin and considering flavour combinations that matched with those. Then came the fun part – testing the different cheeses with the gins. You want an even balance of flavours to come through, with neither the gin or the food being the dominant flavour – both should combine to create a heightened experience," Weintz shared.

We suggest serving your favourite Whitley Neill gin in an ice-cold glass, with wafer crackers and the suggested garnishes included below. With this advice, you'll be sure to wow your friends with your ginpressive knowledge this summer.

Please see a handy list of the best gin and cheese combos below:
• Rhubarb & Ginger pairs deliciously with a rich parmesan slice and garnished with red grapes.
• Raspberry is perfect for a sweeter palate and pairs deliciously with a soft and silky cream cheese topped with chilli jam
• Blood Orange complements a Greek or Danish Feta garnished with watermelon slithers for a fresh and fruity finish.
• Pink Grapefruit pairs simply with Blue Cheese with a sprinkle of watercress on the top.