One Way Road

One Way Road

One Way Road: The Autobiography Of Robbie McEwen

Professional road cyclist Robbie McEwen will do whatever it takes to win on a bike. He is proud of his reputation as a 'competitive little bugger' and 'a bit of a hard bastard in the peloton', yet he is at pains to point out that what he's channelling is not rage or aggression but a fierce determination and razor-sharp focus.

Here, in his own words, Robbie reveals what has made him one of the most successful road cyclists of the last 20 years, winning over 200 professional races and three Tour de France green jerseys. From his teen years in Brisbane winning just about every possible title for his age group at BMX, to his road-cycling apprenticeship at the Australian Institute of Sport before signing his first professional contract with Rabobank, right up to the present day, living in Belgium and riding for RadioShack, this is the complete picture of the inimitable sprinter. Robbie is every bit the feisty, single-minded battler that his fans know and love, but he is also a father and husband who likes hanging out with his mates and having fun. As he puts it, 'Most of the time, I'm Dr Jekyll. Mr Hyde only makes rare appearances, but unfortunately people judge him, not me.' Here, with his characteristic candour and energy, Robbie sets the record straight.

One Way Road: The Autobiography Of Robbie McEwen
Random House Australia
Author: Robbie McEwen
ISBN: 9781864712582
Price: $34.95


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Robbie McEwen's One Way Road is an inspirational autobiography that reveals the life of a professional cyclist. After a lifetime of dedication, McEwen's memoir looks back on his triumphs, defeats, and the many lessons he learned along the way. The book starts off with a vivid description of the early days of McEwen's cycling career. He explains his struggles to make it in the sport and his first victories. He then takes the reader through his journey of winning the prestigious Tour de France green jersey three times. McEwen shares his personal experiences of being on the road, dealing with the physical and mental demands of professional cycling, and the lessons he learned along the way. McEwen's words are vivid and honest. He doesn't shy away from the darker moments of his career. He speaks candidly about his struggles with depression, his fear of failure, his insecurities and his determination to succeed. The book is full of inspiring moments and lessons that McEwen learned throughout his career. He talks about the importance of setting goals, being resilient, and staying focused. He emphasizes the importance of having a strong support system, and his own experience of relying on family and friends to get him through tough times. Overall, One Way Road is an inspiring and encouraging autobiography. It offers insight into the life of a professional cyclist and the lessons that can be learned from it. McEwen's words are honest and heartfelt, and his story is sure to motivate and inspire readers. Highly recommended for anyone looking to learn from one of the greatest cyclists of all time.


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