One Life – How To Have The Life of Your Dreams

One Life – How To Have The Life of Your Dreams

How To Have The Life of Your Dreams

Respected Australian businesswoman, entrepreneur, author, world traveller and high performance business consultant Tina Tower, is set to set souls on fire and inspire women across the nation to take control of their lives, embrace change and approach adversity with belief in her inspirational tell-all book One Life - How To Have The Life of Your Dreams.

After investing in her first property at aged 18 and founding early childhood tutoring franchise Begin Bright by aged 20, Tower credits her achievements to an unbreakable desire to succeed and believes all women can create a plan for their ideal life and absolutely commit to working towards it - no matter who they are, or where they currently stand on their path to success.

In her new book One Life - How To Have The Life of Your Dreams, Tower reveals she is no stranger to adversity and hardship, and believes inevitable difficulty must be embraced and handled effectively in order to enable growth.

Through a series of powerful and compelling revelations, Tower's powerful memoir One Life - How To Have The Life of Your Dreams bares truth to inevitable heartbreaking experiences she refuses to let define her, including running away from home at aged 13 and almost losing her family home while working to build her franchising business.

By sharing her rough beginnings, trials and tribulations, One Life - How To Have The Life of Your Dreams will empower women and encourage action in dealing with failure and learning resilience in business and life, embracing change, and managing the difficulty and agonising guilt that comes with merging selfgrowth, business and motherhood.

"I'm absolutely thrilled to be sharing my story – vulnerabilities and all - because it shows that the most important person to have on your side is you," said Tower.

"A woman's past does not define her, and a woman's sacrifices and inevitable struggles also don't define her. This book will serve as the perfect reminder for women with big dreams, that want to live a life welllived, and ultimately reignite a passion that sets their hearts on fire," she said.

One Life – How To Have The Life of Your Dreams
Author: Tina Tower

Interview with Tina Tower

Question: What inspired you to write One Life?

Tina Tower: It has been a dream of mine to write a book for many years. I have always loved books and how much you can learn from someone all condensed into a neat succinct story. The catalyst for ONE LIFE came after I had a few conversations in a row with women who were talking about how they thought they had to sacrifice one part of their life in order to achieve success in the other. It's just not true. You can live the life of your dreams and curated to be your own personal blend of awesomeness and I wanted to demonstrate that through the book.

Question: How does past guilt impact our current lives?

Tina Tower: Guilt is absolutely the enemy of happiness. And gosh, don't we feel it so often with so many different things! We need to consciously let it go or it will constantly get in the way of doing the things we need to do. If you feel guilty about something, ask if your actions were in line with your values. If they weren't, change your behaviour so that you're back to congruence. If you're feeling guilty but you're acting in line with your values, then it's probably others expectations that are bringing about that feeling. Just do you.

Question: How can we move on from our past and live in the future?

Tina Tower: It's not an easy or overnight thing. We can decide to change our lives in an instant but actually making the change, usually takes much longer. Our past can have a way of haunting us but if you put in the work to consciously choose the life you want to leave and let go of past hurts, then you can move on and leave the unwanted in the dust.

I grew up in a very unstable household that caused me to leave home for a year at 13 and have a lot of emotional scars that I carried with me into adulthood. I put a lot of time and effort (and dollars) into personal development because I had a dream for my life that was so much greater than what had been 'set' for me.

Define what your ideal life looks like when you let go of any fear and expectation and then strive boldly in the direction of your dreams.

Question: Can you tell us about how you moved from the city to a farm?

Tina Tower: I'm still harping on about this whole life design thing! :) We lived in the hustle and bustle of Sydney where everyone seemed so stressed out all the time and caught up in a certain type of life that I didn't feel I fit in. We went on a road trip in a camper van when our children were aged 2 & 3 and drove to a seaside town just North of Byron Bay and sitting on the beach there we fell in love. It was quiet, it was 20 minutes from Gold Coast airport and it was always warm and the people were sunny. I ran a tutoring company that had locations all over the country and so I was on a plane every couple of weeks and it didn't really matter where I lived so we made the decision for my husband to stop work to take care of our kids and move to a farm near the ocean.

When I moved I had my lawyer and accountant tell me that it was a bad idea to run a growing franchise company from a farm because the city had all of the resources and the perception if I lived at a farm was not good. We moved, and in the following 12 months had more than 200% growth. To me, it was the perfect illustration of when you're happy in your soul, you perform better.

I loved the balance of flying out, absolutely going for it and working hard when I was away, and then when I was home, I could retreat to a gorgeous farm, pop on my gumboots and play with my babies.

Question: Do you have a morning routine, can you share that with us?

Tina Tower: Absolutely! My intention is to stick to it every day of the week, but on average, it ends up being 5 out of the 7 days because, you know, life.

Wake 7am, cuddle with kids
Exercise (repeat x 3)
10 x push ups
10 x sit ups
10 x squats
10 x curls
10 x lunges

Write goals with lemon water
Take Holly (dog) for a walk
Breakfast 8:15am
Start work 8:30am

Question: What's the main message you hope readers take from One Life?

Tina Tower: We only get this one shot and we may as well go for it! There are so many incredible opportunities in life and now more than ever, it's acceptable to live whatever life we want to. Break free of expectations, break free of fear, and every day, do that one little thing that's going to get you closer to your dream. The greatest measure of success is joy. Don't sacrifice your joy for anything, it's just not worth it.

Interview by Brooke Hunter

One Life – How To Have The Life of Your Dreams
Author: Tina Tower