Olay Total Effects 10 year Birthday Celebration

Olay Total Effects 10 year Birthday Celebration

Happy 10th Birthday: Olay Total Effects!

Australia's #1 selling facial skincare range* celebrates 10 years of helping create beautiful, younger- looking skin!

This July, Olay, the world's number one facial care brand*, celebrates the 10th anniversary of its iconic range -Total Effects. Today, this product range has become the choice of 10 million women worldwide**, and thenumber one selling facial skincare range in Australia*.

The Birth of Olay Total Effects

Olay Total Effects was first conceived over 10 years ago when an extensive survey discovered that womenacross the globe, despite their differing ethnicities and geographies, were concerned about similar signs ofageing. These signs could be clustered into seven distinct categories, namely fine lines and wrinkles, blotchesand age spots, skin texture, skin tone, skin dryness, skin surface dullness/loss of radiance and pore visibility.Rising up to the challenge of finding one solution to address these multiple issues, Olay created Total Effects, harnessing the power of Niacinamide to help fight the seven signs of skin ageing in a single product and helpdeliver the beautiful, younger looking skin women were searching for.

The unique black and gold pump top bottle hit the shelves across the globe from July 2000 and women quicklysnapped up and fell in love with the skin care multi-tasker.

And so, a beauty icon was born.

10 Years of Innovation: The Niacinamide Evolution

The secret behind Total Effects' enduring success is VitaNiacin, a complex of powerful anti-ageing ingredientscomprising Niacinamide, anti-oxidants (Vitamins E and C) and Panthenol, which provide multiple anti-ageingbenefits to help skin regain its radiant, youthful glow and fortify itself against the signs of ageing.

Niacinamide, or vitamin B3 as it is more commonly known, strengthens the outer layers of the skin byincreasing skin surface renewal. Key to the formula of the Total Effects range, this powerful ingredient helps tofight the seven signs of skin ageing for skin that is youthful and smooth.

David Khoo, Olay Scientist says, "Niacinamide gives not just one, but multiple anti-ageing benefits that worksimultaneously to help skin regain its radiant, youthful glow. It not only helps to increase the skin's collagenlevels together with vitamin C, but it also helps to speed up the skin's renewal rate and energy levels, whilealso increasing the skin's moisture barrier to fight dryness."

"And even after 10 years of research, Olay scientists are still discovering new benefits of Niacinamide,"continues Khoo. "Most recently whilst leveraging genomic analysis, researchers found that Niacinamide coulddecrease inflammatory response genes, which in turn had a positive impact on skin ageing."

10 Years of Passion: Helping women realise their dream of beautiful skin

Total Effects has touched the lives of millions of women worldwide, giving them the confidence to face theworld with younger-looking skin that glows. These women are living proof & passionate advocates thatconfirm that Total Effects delivers on its promises.

"This is not simply about celebrating the tenth anniversary of a beauty icon. It's much more than that. It'sabout celebrating a decade of helping women realise their hopes and dreams of beautiful skin," said JolieEgan, Olay Public Relations Manager. "Thanks to its innovative formula, Total Effects has helped users tomaintain their youthful looks- and we know this because they tell us. Many of our users confidently claim tolook as good as, if not better than, they did when they first started using the product. It's a love affair!"

Olay Total Effects - 10 years of beautiful, younger- looking skin

The Olay Total Effects range is available from most groceries, pharmacies and specialty outlets.
For stockist details please phone 1800 028 280 or go to www.rightolayforyou.com.au to receive your ownpersonalised Olay Total Effects skincare recommendation!

*The worlds number one facial care brand in the past four years (2006-2009) based on Euromonitor data
**Australia past 12 months dollar share - Aztec Data to 9/5/10