bod ecology

bod ecology

bod ecology

From the home of the much acclaimed Australian natural favourite, bod, comes a new range bod ecology.

"We wanted to create a range that had all the attributes of a high end skincare brand, but also make it affordable for all the family," explained Brett Pattinson, Designer, bod ecology.

bod ecology's focus is you and your family. bod ecology's range contains face, body and hair care products that don't cost the earth. bod ecology products come in recyclable containers and are earth friendly and effective, functional and work with no harsh chemicals.

The bod philosophy combines Eastern wisdom with the knowledge of modern therapeutic practice. bod ecology products are designed to care for you and your family's skin, promoting balance and restoring health and harmony. It is inspired and created by trained therapeutic practioners using only the purest natural ingredients.

Using aromatherapy, naturopathic and homeopathic principles, bod ecology combines the most beneficial ingredients in balanced and effective proportions. Naturally, the range is free from artificial scents, fragrant oils, petrochemcials, animal products, artificial preservatives, sls, sulphates and parabens.

bod strives to heal and not harm ,is against animal testing and is environmentally aware. bod focuses heavily on sourcing Australian grown ingredients and where possible, using certified organic ingredients. Help heal the body and help heal the planet at the same time with bod ecology.

Face Exfoliator
A blend of exotic sandalwood with it's woody sweet fragrance, known as the foundation of aromatics in Buddhist practice, and candlenut, the essential oils will assist in balancing and detoxifying the skin.

100g $15.95

Stockist: (02) 9772 7155 or buy online