Olay Regenerist Facial Treatment Mask

Olay Regenerist Facial Treatment Mask

Firms and smoothes skin with a concentrated dose of anti-aging serum

Beyond the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, ageing can cause the loss of hydration and firmness to skin. To help combat these issues, Olay is now introducing a cloth mask to its anti-ageing Regenerist range - Olay Regenerist Facial Treatment Mask. With just one use the new stretchable cloth Olay Regenerist Treatment Mask, containing concentrated anti-ageing serum, helps to firm skin and reduce the appearance of deep lines and pores.

"The Olay Regenerist Facial Treatment Mask is such a lavish anti-aging treat," said Olay Regenerist Brand Ambassador Deborah Hutton. "It fits my facial contours perfectly so I know that every inch of my face is absorbing the concentrated anti-ageing serum found in the mask. After use, my skin feels firmer, re-hydrated, refined and so smooth to touch. I used to have to go to a spa to get this sort of beauty treatment, but now with Regenerist I feel empowered to be my own skincare specialist!"

Part of the Regenerist skincare range from Olay, the new Facial Treatment Mask gives you access to skin science to help fight the tough signs of ageing - without the specialist price tag! Olay Regenerist Facial Treatment Masks come in a pack of 5 and cost just

Key features of Olay Regenerist Facial Treatment Mask:
  • Contains concentrated anti-ageing serum to firm and smooth your skin.
  • The stretch and fit design gives mask ability to fit skin surface more closely, stretching and moulding to your face shape.
  • The full benefits of the mask can be enjoyed in a very short time - visible results in 15 minutes.
  • Each mask comes in a foil sealed sachet and is very easy to open.

    How to use:
  • The Olay Regenerist Facial Treatment Mask can be used once a week, or as often as required.
  • The mask is ready to be applied straight out of the sachet. Just tear the sachet at the right hand side as indicated, pull the mask from the packet, unwrap and place directly onto the face.
  • There is no need to wash the face after the mask. The remaining serum residue on the face can be simply pressed into the skin with the finger tips.
    Olay Regenerist Facial Treatment Mask is priced at RRP $39 for a pack of 5 and will be available from September 2007.
    The Olay Regenerist Range includes the following products, all priced at RRP $29.95:
    * Revitalizing Cream - Daily treatment to reveal newer skin
    * Revitalizing Cream - Intensive treatment to reveal newer looking skin
    * Revitalizing Lotion - Daily protection and treatment to reveal newer-looking skin
    * Intensive Night Revitalizing Cream - Intense hydration while you sleep
    * Eye Revitalizing Serum - Intensive treatment for younger looking eye skin area
    * Facial Treatment Mask - Specialized treatment for facial firming (New!)

    • All products in the Regenerist range are available from most grocery, mass, pharmacy and specialty outlets.
    • Stockist details - 1800 028 280.

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