Nutrimetics Nutri Spa Skin Care

Nutrimetics Nutri Spa Skin Care

Nutrimetics Spa Experience™ Enhanced for Body and Soul

Less than a year since it's launch, the ground-breaking Nutrimetics Spa Experience™ and its exclusive Nutri-Spa range have welcomed into the homes more than 20,000 women across Australia and New Zealand.

Now, Nutrimetics has three new innovative Nutri-Spa products designed to heighten the sensorial experience of a day spa at home.

Nutri-Spa Relaxing Pulse Point Concentrate 7ml RRP: $22.00
"I felt more alert, happy and less stressed."

This convenient, purse size concentrate draws its soothing and calming abilities from the combination of Chamomile, Lavender and Geranium Essential Oils. Apply to the wrist, neck and temple pulse points using circular movements and within minutes, physical and emotional stresses begin to ebb away until a sense of calm is restored.

Nutri-Spa Relaxing Massage Oil 50ml RRP: $26.00
"The fragrance made me feel so relaxed."

With a powerful combination of Chamomile, Lavender and Geranium Essential Oils, Relaxing Massage Oil aids the release of tension locked into taut muscles. Skin softening Apricot, Jojoba and Borage Oils add to the experience, providing just enough lubrication to ensure a smooth, deep and effective massage for ultimate stress relief.

Nutri-Spa Illuminating Body Spray 100ml RRP: $36.00
"I love the shimmer and softness of my skin."

Illuminating Body Spray allows you to achieve a healthy, vibrant glow in seconds. The secret is the light-reflecting particles that shimmer and sparkle, wihle Olive Leaf and Tangerine Extracts moisturise, tone and refresh the skin for instant radiance.

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