Nurse Jackie: Season 7 DVD

Nurse Jackie: Season 7 DVD

Nurse Jackie: Season 7 DVD

Cast: Edie Falco, Merritt Wever, Paul Schulze, Dominic Fumusa, Peter Facinelli, Anna Deavere Smith, Stephen Wallem, Ruby Jerins, Mackenzie Aladjem, Betty Gilpin, Tony Shalhoub, Mark Feuerstein
Genre: TV – Comedy/Drama
Rated: MA15+
Running Time: 330 minutes

The twisted and darkly funny Nurse Jackie returns for its final and most outrageous season yet with two-time Golden Globe® winner Edie Falco (The Sopranos, Cop Land) returning as the tough yet troubled Nurse Jackie Peyton, a role that has earned Falco her fourth consecutive Primetime Emmy® nomination. Also starring Golden Globe® winner Tony Shalhoub (Monk, Men in Black) and Primetime Emmy® winner Merritt Weaver (Birdman, The Walking Dead), follow Nurse Jackie through the highs-and-lows as she faces her biggest challenge yet in Nurse Jackie: Season 7, available on DVD from February 18, 2016.

The seventh and final season begins with Jackie being arrested and suffering through a harrowing stay in a holding cell followed by a forced detox under sedation. When she's released, she hires a lawyer (Mark Feuerstein, Royal Pains, What Women Want) to help her keep her job at All Saints. Unfortunately, she can't afford his retainer and returns to old habits for a solution.

Upon her return to the hospital, Jackie is back at square one under the Diversion Program; she isn't allowed to touch patients or medication and must undergo daily urine screens. Meanwhile, Coop (Peter Facinelli, The Twilight Saga, Damages) prepares for his last day, and is replaced by Dr. Bernard Prince (Shalhoub), who surprises everyone with his carpe diem attitude.

When Jackie learns the hospital is being sold to Norwegian developers who plan to close the facility, she rallies her coworkers in a fight to keep All Saints from going under. The stakes have never been higher and the question is, can the world's toughest nurse save herself?

She lies, cheats, bamboozles friends, fools family, pops pills and breaks hearts. With an addict's survival skills, she'll do whatever it takes to hold onto the things that truly matter to her – her friends, her family and her job. Complete with deleted scenes, never before seen featurettes, cast and crew commentaries and a hilarious gag reel, don't miss out on all the action with Nurse Jackie: Season 7.

Special Features:
Deleted scenes
'The Last Patients at All Saints" featurette
'Final Shift" featurette
'Last Dance: Flash Mob with Edie Falco" featurette
Gag reel
Audio commentaries with cast and crew

Nurse Jackie: Season 7
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