Sick of cricket stealing your man?

Sick of cricket stealing your man?

Don't want to bowled over this summer?

Jump into this summer's hottest sporting event in style, with 3 mobile....

Sick of cricket stealing your man? Sail through the remainder of the 3 mobile Test Series by transforming into a fashionable cricket pro and wow the lads in your life. It's easy, check out 3 mobile and get behind the Aussie cricket team in style!

Here are 3's top 5 tips to help you brush up on your "crick - etiquette" and learn the lingo!

Tip 1

Impress the boys and use 3 mobile to bluff your way through any cricket conversation! Get live 3 mobileCricket TV from only $2 per day, plus live scores, video highlights, match reports all on Planet 3. Stillwant more? The Pitch, 3 mobile's cricket TV show is back and will be free for all 3 customers. The Pitchwill be hosted by Adam Gilchrist and Darren Lehmann and an episode will be screened on each day ofthe 3 mobile Test Series.

Tip 2

Don't be bowled out by all the cricket jargon! Cricket's terminology can be a point of confusion for a newsupporter. Get the hang of these terms which will help you cruise through the series:

Duck - a score of zero.

LBW (Leg before wicket) - how a batsman can be dismissed when the ball that's being bowled to him,hits his leg first, before the stumps.

Hawk-Eye - a high tech piece of equipment that helps to explain the intricacies of the sport, it can behelpful when judging an LBW.

Sledging - verbally abusing or unsettling a batsman to make him lose concentration.

Twelfth man - a substitute fielder (and drinks waiter) for the chosen eleven players on the field.

Howzat - slang for "How's that?", first used by the Australians.

Innings - the period of time spent batting by a team or individual.

Tip 3

With the heat dial turned up this summer, make sure you go for a Hat Trick - Slip, Slop & Slap to avoidlooking like a red lobster.

Tip 4

Keep up the fluid! Avoid matching the boys drink for drink and keep hydrated - make it all the way tostumps by alternating each drink with a bottle of water.

Tip 5

Before you step out in style, make sure you check the daily temperature dial by clicking through toPlanet 3 weather portal to find out how hot (or cold) it's going to be.

You'll never miss a ball this season when you sign up to Cricket TV on 3 mobile! Go to orcall 133 907 for more information on how to get the most out of your mobile this summer.