Night in Shanghai

Night in Shanghai

Night in Shanghai

Sailing to Shanghai in 1936 to lead a black jazz orchestra, Thomas Greene goes from being flat broke in segregated Baltimore to living in a mansion with servants of his own, and from the classical piano pieces he was trained to play to the toe-tapping swing of the big band era.

Song Yuhua is refined, educated, and bonded since age eighteen to Shanghai's most powerful crime boss in payment for her father's gambling debts. Outwardly submissive, she burns with rage, longs for escape, and risks her life spying on her master for the Communist Party.

With Shanghai shattered by the Japanese invasion, Thomas and Song find their way to each other and forge a bond from which neither can back down in the turbulent years that follow. Torn between freedom and commitment they navigate the dangers leading to world war until the moment when they must cast their future in one final, impossible choice.

Nicole Mones masterfully weaves in real life historical figures and events in this beautifully written and emotionally gripping story.

Nicole Mones is the author of the award-winning novels The Last Chinese Chef, Lost in Translation and A Cup of Light, which are in print in twenty languages. She began a textile business in China as the Cultural Revolution ended which she ran for eighteen years. This brings an in-depth understanding of China and its culture to her fiction. Her nonfiction writing on China has appeared in The New York Times Magazine, the Los Angeles Times, and The Washington Post. She is a member of the National Committee for U.S.-China Relations. She lives in Portland, Oregon.

Night in Shanghai
HarperCollins Australia
Author: Nicole Mones
ISBN: 9780732298890
RRP: $29.99