Nespresso's Reviving Origins Coffee

Nespresso's Reviving Origins Coffee

As part of its Reviving Origins program, Nespresso is today launching AMAHA awe UGANDA or 'Hope of Uganda' in Uganda's local language, a new single origin, intensity 8 coffee with sweet, floral tones, from the Rwenzori Mountains of Uganda.


Since launching in 2019, Nespresso's Reviving Origins program aims to restore coffee production in regions affected by adversities and rebuild sustainable livelihoods for farmers and their communities, with an investment of approximately AUD $152 million from 2019 – 2023.


In Uganda, climate change, poor farming practices and economic hardship has severely impacted the production of high-quality coffee. As part of the Reviving Origins program, Nespresso is supporting more than 2,000 farmers, providing training and expertise to improve coffee quality and productivity in addition to establishing sustainable farming practices.


Jean-Marc Dragoli, General Manager Nespresso Oceania, said: "Coffee is the lifeblood of entire communities across the globe. In many regions, including Uganda, coffee farming is threatened for reasons such as climate change, conflict and a shifting global economy. Through the Reviving Origins program, Nespresso provides support to struggling coffee farming areas and helps breathe new life into local economies and, most importantly, communities in these regions."


Joseph Kiribmwa, Farmer, Rwenzori Mountains, said: "I farm my coffee plantation in keeping with the highest standards, to ensure the best harvest possible. My father, like others of his generation, didn't really know how to grow coffee. I figure this out later, when the Nespresso AAA Program team shared their expertise with me. Our elders used to remove all the cherries from a brand, no matter how ripe they were. But I only pick the ripest, reddest ones. This better way of working my coffee crop means I was able to earn enough money to start building my house."


Since launching, the Reviving Origins program has supported farmers and communities in regions across Colombia, Zimbabwe, Puerto Rico and Uganda. Through Reviving Origins, Nespresso is committed to continuing to protect coffees that are in danger of disappearing and support the coffee communities in overcoming the challenges they are facing.



'Hope of Uganda' in Lhukonzo, a local language in Uganda, is a single origin coffee that carries rare sandalwood notes and elegant florals with medium acidity and body. An intensity

8 espresso, AMAHA awe UGANDA grows in a unique terroir, where shade and nutrients provided by banana trees create a true Arabica dreamland. In a Latte Macchiato, the biscuit and discrete fruity notes come alive in a balanced and sweet cup.


In addition to AMAHA awe UGANDA, in 2020 Nespresso is also reintroducing previous Reviving Origin coffee blends TAMUKA mu ZIMBABWE and ESPERANZA de COLOMBIA, following their successful launch last year, with the goal of establishing these single origin blends as permanent ranges available to consumers all year long:





TAMUKA mu ZIMBABWE is single origin flowery espresso from the famous Honde Valley, a region where farmers are proud of their coffee and carry this from generation to generation. An intensity 5 espresso, it sings with complex fruitiness and zesty bright acidity, full of character, with notes of red berries, currants, and cranberries.



ESPERANZA de COLOMBIA is a rich and balanced single origin Arabica espresso, with fruity notes and fine acidity. Each year the Caquetá farmers develop their skills to ensure they continue to achieve such a unique flavor. ESPERANZA de COLOMBIA is an intensity 5 espresso for Original Line and an intensity 3 lungo for Vertuo Line.


AMAHA awe UGANDA, TAMUKA mu ZIMBABWE and ESPERENZA de COLOMBIA are available online and in Nespresso boutiques from today.



Since its launch last year, the Reviving Origins program has already been a significant success in Zimbabwe and Caquetá, Colombia, two regions where coffee production has been under threat in recent years.


In both countries, Nespresso provides continuous training on quality and productivity, as well as free technical assistance through its agronomist network. It also addresses infrastructure challenges that exist in these areas by building wet mills or helping to establish coffee cooperatives.


As a result, productivity has increased. The availability of AAA high quality coffee has grown by 9% in the Manicaland province of Zimbabwe and 10% in Caquetá, Colombia, from 2018 to 2019.


The Reviving Origins program is an integral part of the Nespresso AAA Sustainable Quality Program, the brand's sustainable sourcing model in coffee producing countries. Launched in 2003 in collaboration with the NGO The Rainforest Alliance, the Nespresso AAA Sustainability Quality Program helps to improve the yield and quality of harvests, while protecting the environment and improving livelihoods of farmers and their communities


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Review: Really enjoyed the Zimbabwe pod with it's hint of cranberry flavour, was really uplifting. Try these out for yourself and support Nespresso's Sustainable Quality Program.