National Eczema Awareness Week Caroline Monet Interview

National Eczema Awareness Week Caroline Monet Interview

National Eczema Awareness Week Caroline Monet Interview

Australia has one of the highest incidences of Eczema in the world and is still on the rise, according to the Eczema Association Australia.

In fact, nearly a third of Australians will suffer with eczema at some stage in their lives - equivalent to almost six million people. Although there is no cure, managing eczema can improve quality of life. But that in itself can be and exhausting and emotional rollercoaster. Trying to find anything to relieve the itch.

Something Caroline Monet knows only too well.

Caroline had developed eczema on her hands so severe that when her daughter was born she couldn't bathe her baby or even wash her own hair without excruciating pain from her condition.

"I was in such a bad way with my eczema," says Caroline. "I'd just had a baby, was trying to deal with being a first time mother, but my eczema was so excruciating it was causing me sleepless nights as I just didn't know what to do with myself. I remember putting my hands in the freezer just to try and get some relief."

"I'd literally tried everything under the sun to relieve my eczema but nothing worked, and often exacerbated my problem.

"In desperation I decided to make something myself. I was an aromatherapist so knew a lot about natural ingredients and their healing properties, so I created a cream that healed my eczema. That was nine years ago and I haven't had eczema since."

Caroline's cream and complementary product, all-purpose wash, are now stocked in over 3000 outlets Australia-wide and are one of the few products that get results for eczema sufferers.
You only have to look at the hundreds of thank you emails Caroline gets every day.

National Eczema Awareness Week is from 3th - 9th of September
Caroline's Cream 500ml RRP: $32.95
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Caroline's All-Purpose Wash - RRP: $31.95
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Caroline Monet's Experience

I first developed severe eczema (which was diagnosed as Pomp Helix Eczema) some 12 years ago on my hands, says Caroline Monet, founder and director of Caroline's Skincare. Like so many others who suffer from this and other debilitating skin problems I had tried all the treatments available at the time to remedy this condition with little or no results. Ultimately it was out of sheer frustration that I felt inspired to find my own solution.

Turning to my knowledge of aromatherapy and my long time passion for natural remedies, I was able to develop a cream that proved successful in healing my eczema. It was when others heard about my cream and tried it on themselves and their children or other family members, that its remarkable effectiveness in treating conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis and a variety of others skin complaints became apparent to me.

"I had (for many years) used a cocktail of chemicals and prescription medicines to try and heal my skin; therefore it was of the utmost importance to me that I found a natural remedy to use on my eczema. I had originally been prescribed corticoid based ointments and creams which I used for an extended period of time and after a while my skin began to thin and my nails became brittle. Hydrocortisone based products can be very drying to the skin. The skin needs a chance to repair and replenish from damage associated with skin problems and the only way to do this is by using natural herbs and oils. A lot of the skincare products available today are so laden with chemicals you have to wonder what they are doing to your skin. If you have sensitive or dry skin and especially if you have a skin condition, products with synthetic and chemical ingredients in them can exacerbate the problem.

"The theory behind the formula of Caroline's Cream was to break the cycle of the condition by effectively treating all of the symptoms. To do this I chose certain ingredients which had the required healing properties such as being anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antibacterial, anti-itch, regenerative (repair scar tissue and lesions) and hydrating etc… One of the reasons Caroline's Cream is so unique and effective is that all of the symptoms of these conditions can be treated with the one single product.

Often conditions such as dermatitis, eczema or psoriasis can be brought under control by simply regularly applying Caroline's Cream every day. The cream can also be used anywhere on the body, including on the scalp."

Another reason for the effectiveness of Caroline's Cream is the formulas' high concentration of oils. Caroline introduced Caroline's All-Purpose Wash in 2006 due to requests from customers. Caroline knows from her own experience that the skin responds positively to a simple care regimen. So the Cream and Wash complement each other perfectly. The Wash is an adaptation of the same formula as the Cream and is a multi-tasking product. It can be used as a shampoo, conditioner, makeup remover and shaving agent, as well as a face and body wash. People of all ages and skin types can use these products; both the Wash and the Cream contain 20 different naturally derived ingredients.

These products are not only popular with those who suffer from skin conditions; increasingly customers are turning to Caroline's for a no-fuss, natural alternative to help maintain the health of their skin. The natural ingredients used in Caroline's Skincare products are of the highest quality.

"Fortunately since I have been using my products I have not had an outbreak of eczema, Caroline says. I use my cream every day from head to toe, including on my face and it keeps my skin in remarkable condition. It has very powerful anti-aging properties as well so I know that my skin will always stay hydrated and healthy.

"My goal is to continue to supply quality products to the people that need them and ensure that I keep up with the increasing demand along the way. I have developed another two products which are, once again, unique in their ability to treat some very debilitating skin problems including viral infections. I am very excited about the impending launch of my new products. At this stage we are in the process of undergoing the required tests before they are commercially produced. I plan to have these available to customers by the first quarter of 2013."

Current statistics indicate that one in three people will develop some form of eczema in their lifetime. 20% of children between the ages of 2 and 5 will develop some kind of allergy and/or eczema.

"My personal experience and the experience of many eczema sufferers (as demonstrated in the countless emails I receive from people with this condition everyday) is that many of the treatments available have little effect or provide only temporary relief from this complaint. As a result of this, people often find themselves frustrated and begin to believe that theirs is a hopeless case and that nothing can help them, just as I once did."

While no one can claim 100% effectiveness of any given treatment, Caroline's Skincare products are demonstrating consistent and excellent results in the treatment of eczema as well as other common skin problems.

"I don't think the community at large is aware of just how debilitating this condition can be and I would like to deliver a message of hope to those who have perhaps given up or are still suffering and searching for a solution to their eczema.

Even if my products are not the answer to these problems then perhaps the knowledge and information I have gained through my own experience, which I have made available to read on my website, can offer some assistance to help people find a way to manage and control their own skin conditions.

"The most rewarding experience for me since the birth of Caroline's Cream is the feedback I receive from satisfied customers. New testimonials are posted on my website every day. Some of these people who write to me are so debilitated by their skin conditions prior to using my cream that it is simply the most humbling and rewarding feeling in the world to know that they no longer have to live with so much suffering. It is indeed rare that my products do not help on some level and I have to say that I feel very blessed to have been given the opportunity to make a difference to the quality of people's lives."

Caroline's Skincare products can be found at thousands of pharmacies and Health store chains, Health Spas, Beauty Salons and other Health care practitioners around Australia.
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