Naked Life Sparkling Review

Naked Life Sparkling Review

Naked Life Sparkling

Anyone trying to live a healthier life knows that one of the first treats to be shunned is soft drink – but it can be one of the most difficult to give up. Trying to find a tasty, refreshing beverage when you're trying to give up sugar and artificial additives isn't easy, and it's a challenge long shared by the rising number of diabetics and allergy-sufferers around the country.

Responding to this gap in the market, and the needs of all of these groups is Naked Life Sparkling. Guaranteeing healthier – but still delicious - times ahead for Australians, the sugar free and 100% natural soft drink launches nation wide just in time for summer. With just 9 calories or less per bottle, Naked Life finally packs all the flavor of a soft drink without any of the usual sugars or additives. Which means if you're mixing up a gin & tonic with Naked Life Sparkling at your next BBQ, you'll literally consume 17 times less calories than if you use a standard tonic water. Summer bodies here we come!

Created to respond to a family member's fructose intolerance, this premium soft drink ensures that finally there is a healthy soft drink choice that not only tastes great, but is also suitable for diabetics and allergy sufferers. The range offers four unique flavours each with a sparkle of difference, including Ginger with Pomegranate, Lemonade with Cucumber, Lemon Citrus Squash and Natural Cola. Perfect alone or as a party mixer, a variety of natural extracts such as lemon, lemon zest, lime, mint, cucumber, ginger, and pomegranate are used to create a completely natural soft drink that still packs a massive punch of taste.

Naked Life Sparkling is a 100% natural blend of Stevia extract, Monk fruit extract, and erythritol (derived from fermenting starches in fruit and vegies) that gives a flavour profile just like sugar. All of the products are low GI and can be safely consumed by the diabetic community – of which there is an estimated 1.7 million Australians, with 280 new cases of diabetes developing every day,* a key reason that Naked Life is now stocked in major hospital cafes around the country.

David Andrew, Director of Naked Life Sparkling, says, 'We are very excited to launch Naked Life Sparkling to help to return choice to not only health conscious Australians, but importantly for those Aussies who thought they'd never be able to enjoy soft drinks again due to health concerns."

Comparison Overview
Straight up
You can have 20 Naked Life's for the same calorie count as 1 Coke... (and no artificial sweeteners!)
142 Calories - Coke 330ml
7 Calories - Naked Life cola

Comparison between Naked life and Tonic water.
Schweppes lemonade - 48 calories per 100ml
Tonic Water - 34 Calories per 100 ml
Naked Life - 2 Calories per 100 ml
RRP $3.95 for 330mL bottle
Available now from selected Woolworths Metro stores and independent retailers.